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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

We are well underway on Weight Watchers. It has been good for me and I am trying to keep myself motivated so I can accomplish all I need to. Today's 13 is list of things I have learned to appreciate, learned to do, and learned not to do over the last 4 weeks!
13. Count Points - I have learned how to look at a label and tell you how many points it is worth. There are some good things for small point values
12. Portion size - I have learned that the portion size they put on the side of things is often very small, but you can just eat that much. One cup of milk and one cup of cereal really do make breakfast!
11. Chicken does taste good - while it is not my favorite meat, I am learning new ways to fix chicken so that I can eat it more that one day a week.
10. My husband can really eat - I am amazed that he is eating more than I am and it never does anything to him. I am so thankful that he does not have to deal with weight issues.
9. Lunch - You can have two pieces of turkey and two pieces of cheese and 15 pringles for lunch.
8. Snack - is a wonderful thing. There are good things out there like 2 point ice cream and 2 point pop corn. We like those things a lot!
7. Grocery Shopping - Seems to take longer than it ever has. It takes a long time when you have to count points on everything that goes in the cart.
6. Walking is fun - We have been trying to walk 4 times a week - we have been staying on track with that. It makes me feel good to finish the walk and just breath.
7. Swimming - We bought a family pass to the local pool - we have been going twice a week. Braxton loves to swim and I water walk with Brazos. The pool is open year round so we will be able to enjoy it even during the winter.
6.More points - you get more points when you exercise. They are called activity points and we love them. It allows for an extra snack during the day. It takes much better when you really work for it.
5. Easier - it is much easier to do when you have someone to do it with. Andrea and I are trying real hard to keep each other in line. Our minister and his wife are also doing it which make it much easier to stay on track.
4. Fair time - the fair is in town - While I am looking forward to going to the fair I am not looking forward to all the good food I will have to pass on this year.
3. McDonald's - Did you know you can get an ice cream cone for just 3 points - that is a wonderful thing. I seem to be enjoying this at least two nights a week.
2. Home - with all the change we seem to be eating at home more and more - this is a wonderful thing. It allows us time to be at home and enjoy more time as a family.
1. Health - We are making our lives better. While each day will be a struggle, habit is the key. One day at a time we will make things better for our health and my family.
I will keep you all posted as we make progress.


Krawl and Anra said...

Neil, you are my staple. You keep me on track and keep me motivated to want to do better so that I can be healthier. Thank you for all that you do!

Robinson Family said...

Love the clip art...perfect! I'm so impressed with your and Andrea's commitment to hold eachother accountable. Good luck to you, I know counting points isn't always the most fun way to dine, but it sounds like you've really got a positive attitude about the "good stuff" in WW. I'll keep you ladies in my prayers! You're definately an inspiration to me!

Paige said...

Keep it up girls! Way to go!