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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camera Cord

I still have not found my camera cord. Andy forgot to go and get me one on Saturday morning (I think in part because I had him doing other things - thanks babe). However Andrea and Karl to the rescue. Their cord fit my camera! YEA! So I have borrowed their cord and I am back in business. So to catch up here are some pictures and this week I will try and get the stories that go with them out as well. Enjoy. I'm Back!!!


Paige said...

I hugged your mom for you at the wedding. It was good to see 3 lovely ladies from your fam there. Glad you found a cord that worked!

Robinson Family said...

Yeah!! Love the pics, Lyneil! Those boys get cuter and cuter, every time I see them! I especially love the one of the two of them together laying down. so sweet!