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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Well Almost. I have been way behind on posting pictures so . . . Here is a dump of some pictures that we have taken over the last month~!

Braxton playing Happy Birthday! He loves to put things on his head and sing Happy Birthday.

Brazos and Dad - hanging out.

The boys in their matching shirts.
Play time with Andrish and Karl

Watching the snow fall and the boys work outside. Our new favorite place to sit - on the back of the couch looking out the window

i just love the faces in these pictures. The one of Braxton is one of the best. I call this on the frumpy brow!!! He loves to use this.

Cuddle time with dad.
Dad blowing snow again!

Andrish and Brazos watching Braxton out the window

Karl and Braxton shoveling the snow.

Hair Cuts - Karl giving hair cuts to Braxton

Brazos before and after the 1st hair cut!

And I still have quite a few to post. Look for more new pictures coming soon!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

This is late - but here it is.
Here is a list of 13 things I have done since 6 am.
1. Got up and called in an additional food order for funeral today.
2. Took shower
3. Got kids ready
4. Made salad for lunch after funeral
5. Made breakfast for family.
6. Took kids to sitter
7. Went to funeral of a dear friend
8. Went back to set up lunch for 125
9. Served and cleaned up a lot of food!
10. Went to get kids - they were asleep so I got to wait awhile with my friend Lisa
11. Took food to family at their house for supper
12. Got meds for Braxton
13. Came home - fed the family and checked e-mail

Long day. I am ready for bed. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to say a Happy Birthday to Susan. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is fun. It was sent to me by a high school friend of mine. Look up your birthday and it will tell you a verse that goes with the date. Enjoy!

Here is mine:
I Cor 12:27 - NIV
Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Rough Day

This weekend went well. We had a busy day on Saturday with the Iowa State Bible Bowl. Our congregation hosts this event every year and it went off without a hitch. Karl participated on a team and did real well (his team placed 2nd). The kids team placed 4th - they did very well. One of our elders who is always at the Bible Bowl had to have surgery last week and was not able to go home until Saturday - this was the first Bible bowl his has missed since it stared. This was the 22nd year. We were sad that he was not able to be there - he was also sad that he was not able to come. He is a very knowledgeable man. We missed him a lot.
Sunday morning after worship the phone rang and it was Derald (the elder) calling to tell us that his wife passed away. This was a shock as she was in fair health - he was the one having the problems. She woke up not feeling well and went to lay down to take a nap and never woke up. It has been hard dealing with this as it just hits a little to close to home. She was a rock and a mother/grandmother to all. She made sure everything was done and taken care of. We are already a miss without her. It is hard to loose people here on earth. We know Winnie will be better off and know she is not longer in pain. We rejoice in the fact that she was a Christian and lived her life to serve Christ. We know that she is safe in the arms of our Lord, but we are still saddened by the fact that our comfort is gone. Our foundation here on earth is shifting and tilted a little as one of our number is now gone.
I have cried a lot in the past 24 hours as Winnie was like a grandmother away from home. We will miss her a lot. I know I will have more tears as the week moves on the final preparations are made. But I know I will have tears of joy when I see her again on the other side.
Please pray for our church family and this loss. Also please pray for Derald and his loss, he also lost a brother yesterday. This was after having surgery on Thursday to have two stints put in his leg and one in his heart. He has had a very hard week. Please pray for the Lewis family.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things:
Really Random!
1. How is it that I can always find the time to blog, watch survivor, clean the kitchen, eat, and many other things, however I am always behind in my Bible reading?
2. How come children grow up so fast?
3. Isn't if funny that people are always willing to be there for the fun but most are not willing to help prepare or clean up.
4. How come children can learn so fast and remember? Can they really remember and learn more when they are young or do they just want to more that we do?
5. How come I have such a loving husband?
6. I am not sure I have said it lately but I have a wonderful family. All of them - extended all the way out. I am so blessed.
7. How can people not believe in God?
8. My dad is wonderful - in true color I got flowers on Valentines day from the first love in my life.
***these are from Andy and Karl
9. The sky is blue
10. Snow is cold
11. Random TT are a result of no original ideas
12. Kids are Fun!!'
13. Have you seen our Aggies lately?
Have a wonderful Thursday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday Tio Jorge

Happy Valentines Day to all of Blogland. It is still very cold here and our high today is 6. But it looks like we will warm up to a balmy 11 tomorrow. Hope you all have a day of love and warmth.

Happy Birthday to Tio Jorge - you big love you!!

Enjoy your special day!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We got another 7 inches today. The last 8 inches were not melted off yet and now we have more. My camera cord is in the room of a sleeping child so I will have to post pictures later. There is a lot of snow, enough that I have to make 3 attempts at getting in the driveway after taking a lady to work this morning. I have a lot of things that I need to get done but at this point they will have to wait until the snow stops and it clears up some. We were just getting to the point that we could see the grass along the edge of the road - no more. The high today is 13 and the high tomorrow will be 8 - a nice day to cuddle for Valentines. Andy is in KY for an ISO meeting he should be back some time tomorrow evening. Other than that we are taking one day at a time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Today I have 26 - you are going to get a double Thursday 13 this week.
First - 13 things that have gone well, been a blessing, and prayers that have been answered:
1. Brazos got his first tooth - at 9 months it was time and he took his time cutting that tooth but it is finally in. You can almost see it.
2. Brazos said his fist mumble this week and it was mama. I know you think I am pulling you leg, but I got it on video so I have proof. I will try to upload it later this week. My husband said I was on cloud nine. I do realize he does not know what he is saying but I really don't care! He said it!!
3. We have been helping some refuges from Africa that are members of the church here. This week Alphonso (the dad) for a job. He has had two part time jobs and this week he was blessed with a full time job.
4. Warmer temperatures. This week has been a cold one. On Saturday and Sunday it did not get over 4. When the wind blows you think you are literally going to freeze. Yesterday and today it got up to 14 and 18. You can tell a difference and we like the warmth.
5. Dad is having luck with his new endeavor. My dad went out on his own in December as an outside inspector. He took a leap of faith and so far it has proven well. He got another call this week with a lot of promising news.
6. Braxton is growing - I know he is suppose to right. Well that has not always been the case for us. He took his time getting to 20 pounds - 20+ months before that happened. It was due to allergies we found out later, but now he is unstoppable, and growing like a week. We weighted him this weekend and he was at a whopping 30.4 pounds.
7. Last week I had a Tupperware party and it went well. Andrea and I have signed up to sale Tupperware and the party was our first. It was a hit and we are off to a good start. Thanks to Paige and Ashley for hosting our first catalog shows - you are awesome!
8. LTC -is going well. I have not yet made one practice. We practice on Sunday afternoons and I have been at home with sleeping boys so far. Andy, Karl, and Andrea have been blessings and they are doing a wonderful job.
9. Braxton likes to play. He is discovering that he likes to play with a lot of different things. He loves to play with his trains, play dough, tractors and Lego's. There are many more toys but these are leading the pack right now.
10. Lisa (a fellow/former AFCer) had a precious little girl this week. Thanks to God for a safe and healthy delivery.
11. Class is going well. We have a class on Saturday mornings and it is going well. I am very happy about this because you just never know how things will turn out. It really has been a blessing
12. Prayer life. My prayer life has gotten much better and it seems over the last couple of weeks things have been going really well. I am happy to be in communication with my Father.
13. Life is good. I am so very blessed beyond measure. I know I often take the things I am given as things I have worked for or earned but in reality I know that they are blessings from God and
I am to use them to do his work. I hope that I am doing this to be best of my ability. Thanks be to God for all that we are given.
My next 13 is a prayer list. Some of these things are a repeat from last week and some are new. It really helps to have more people praying. Thanks.
1. Granny Zant - is in the hospital with fluid on her lungs. Please pray for safe recovery.
2. Elizabeth Fry - is also in the hospital with pneumonia. Please pray for her recovery as well.
3. Anna - Lisa's (our minister's wife) cousin. She had a tumor removed from her uterus and soon there after found out she was pregnant. She lost the baby this week and is having trouble dealing with it.
4. Lori - is getting better but last I heard was still in the hospital. I know she will be ready to see her sons when she gets out.
5. Jay Williams - is still in the hospital. He is beginning to open his eyes and respond. He does have some bruising on his brain. Please pray that his body will continue to heal.
6. Ruby - A lady at church had a knee replaced about 2 months ago. Her therapy was not going well and she was not able to straighten her leg. They are going in today to do that. They are going to put her to sleep and straighten her leg. I know she will be in pain so please pray that this will work and that she will recover well.
7. John Mitchell - a member of our congregation was to have a spot (cancer) removed from his lung on Tuesday. When he got to the hospital he found out that he has pneumonia and they could not do the procedure. Please pray that he will recover soon and be able to get the spot removed.
8. Steve Brown - had a pollop removed from his colon this last week and is still in the hospital. He is taking some time to recover from this, please pray that his body will heal so that he can go home.
9. Jane - Colby's (our minister) grandmother is still struggling. She started Chemo this week and it is taking its toll. Colby and his family went to Texas this week to see her.
10. Derald Lewis (one of our elders) is having trouble with his feet. His is a diabetic and his feet are not well. He had some cracking this week and has not been able to get around.
11. Our youth - I co-teach the 7-12th grade ladies on Wednesday nights and I am amazed at all the things these girls go through. I wish I could just pound into their heads that things will be okay and not to worry but they just don't understand (as I am sure I did not either at that age). Please pray for our youth and all the things they are faced with daily.
12. Family - All the families of the people mentioned above need our prayers. It is hard to deal with our daily life sometimes but things get even harder when we are faced with trials, please pray for strength and love as these families deal with these problems.
13. Me - I know this one is a little selfish but I feel some days like I am burdened with more than I can handle. I know that it will only make me stronger in the long run and most trials are a test but please pray that I can handle them the way that God would want me to.
Thanks for reading this long TT.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

9 Months

Brazos is getting bigger every day. He is trying to walk. He will go all day long holding on to one finger. He loves to walk and he always has to be where the action is. He is a motor scooter and is acting like he is going to be as active or more than his big brother Braxton. Brazos turned 9 months on Friday and yesterday his first tooth broke through. He is really getting big. He has started eating table food and really loves it. He is not a big fan of baby food vegetables. He will eat them whole. He loves fruit of all kinds. He has had his first hair cut (I will post pictures later). He is growing sooo fast. He has his check up on Monday and I will let you know then how he comes out.
Braxton is as active as ever. He has found the legos downstairs and now they are upstairs. Uncle Karl likes to build barns for him and he likes to destroy them almost as fast as you can build them. His imagination has really taken off. He likes to play with his farm and all the animals. He loves to read his Thomas books and watch movies. If you can name it Braxton wants to be able to do it. He loves to go.
My boys are getting big. I am amazed every day at how precious they are. I thank God for them every night. I pray that they will find good Christian women to marry. They are wonderful. Here are some pictures of the two of them taken at Christmas. I have newer pictures to post later.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Birthday

Wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to two special people. Today is PaPaw's birthday. It is also cousin Pagie's birthday. Happy Birthday to both of you. Hope your family remembers to take you out for dinner and all that good stuff. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
This morning I was out looking a blogs early - some of you are really on the ball! Susan had her Thursday Thirteen done already and I stole her idea as I thought it was a great one. Our prayer log is really full right now of special people and requests. I thought I would share 13 of these with you.
1. Lori (Ashby) McCurley - Had a new son the middle of January and went home. She soon felt ill and went to the doctor to find that she had a major case of pneumonia. They did surgery on Tuesday to remove some of the fluid from around her lungs. They could not get it with a needle so they had to do surgery. She is still in ICU and can not see her kids. Please pray for a quick recovery so she can get home to Tae and Chayton (2 week old).
2. Jay Williams - A friend of our from Paris. We were in 4-H together. He was working at the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Tuesday and fell from a 25 foot scaffolding. He has a torn artery in his neck and a cracked skull. He is in the hospital in Dallas. They are watching for swelling in his brain.
3. Tiffany Glaza - a friend of our family. Tiffany was 10 when Andy and I moved here. She has been a blessing to us. She trusts us and we do out best to help her spiritually. She is now 16 and experiencing a lot of things that teens do. I pray that God will always be first in her life and that she will learn to put him first even when it is not the most popular thing to do.
4. Classes - Our congregation is doing classes on Saturday mornings which I am helping lead. The classes have to do with porn and all the ways that it affects men in their lives. We have a class for the men and one for the women. It has been a huge blessing and I hope it continues to go well.
5. Grandma Jane - our minister Colby Clapp's grandmother is not doing well. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in the middle of December and was having other problems as well. She started losing her mobility and motor skills. She went to the oncologist this week to find that she also has 4 brain tumors - one that is the size of a golf ball. They have given her 3-4 weeks. We have been praying for comfort for her and peace and strength for the family.
6. Carolyn - Verlee (a lady from worships) daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has started chemo and seems to be doing well.
7. John Mitchell - a man for worship was diagnosed with lung cancer and is set to have surgery on Tuesday. He is very nervous. We pray for peace and comfort for him.
8. Steve and Julie Brown - Steve found out this last week that he had a pollop (sp?) on his colon. He had surgery on Tuesday. He is recovering in the hospital.
9. Marriages - Our prayer daily is for marriages. We pray that people will hold to the commitment they made to their spouses. We pray for a commitment to God and to family. This has been a strong desire of Andy and I since we married. We do our best to teach communication and love as much as we can.
10. Craig - my uncle who is currently incarcerated. He is doing well, but needs our prayers. He is strong Christian who made a wrong decision and is making it right with the state. He has made things right with God and since he has been in prison has already brought 2 men to Christ. Please pray for his strength, faith, and protection.
11. Granny and Papa - these two have endured a lot and continue to amaze me with their strength and love. We pray for their health and comfort. They have been through a lot and I hope that they can have a peace that only God can provide.
12. Children - Not only my children but yours as well. That we can raise our children to be leader in the church. That they can be the next generation of leader for Christ. That as they grow they can find good Christian spouses to make a family.
13. My husband - I pray for him daily, for his struggles, for his love, support, and strength. I pray for his leadership, both spiritual and physical. I thank God for him and all the love that he brings to my life. I am blessed with all that I have. I love you Andy!
We have so many more things on our prayer list, but for now that is 13. I think I will continue to keep this up. It is such a blessing to know that there are others out there praying for you as well. Thanks for reading and please leave me comments on things that you would like for me to add to our prayer list.