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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Texas Here we come!

We are in Texas for the holidays and are enjoying every minute we get to spend. We are in the east now and will head to the west on Saturday. The boys have been enjoying themselves and their parents have too.

We have some news:
We will be moving to Texas - Summer 2009
While there are still a lot of details to work out we are planning a migrant move!

There are a lot of emotions with this and while there are a lot of happy ones there are just as many sad ones. We have been in Iowa for 8 years and made a whole new family there and it is hard to know that we will be leaving that.

Please add our move to your prayer list and pray that things will go smoothly for the kids, our church family here in Iowa, and our adjustments that will be made.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I know, I know, I know

Computer with pictures is dead.
I will do better soon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Well we did indeed make it back to the wintry weather of Iowa. We currently have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. The boys were excited - I however was not. It does make it feel more like December though. We had a safe trip and all is well. Braxton went back to school today and Andy back to work. We are trying to get everything put away and cleaned up.

On another note:
We have a couple of prayer requests
Andy's cousin Robyn delivered a littler girl yesterday at 28 weeks. Right now they are both doing okay but are in need of our prayers. They have a long road ahead. Please pray for them.

Our friend Peyson has had a rough week with doctors and blood test galore. He seems to be doing some better today but please remember him in your prayers as well.

I promise I will have pictures soon but for now this will have to do.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tagged 8 things

I was tagged by Robyn so here is my info - I do have more updates to come it just me be a little while before I get them done.

8 TV show I watch:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Handy Manny
The Biggest Loser
Tigger and Poo
CSI Miami

8 Favorite Restaurants
El Rodeo
Jimmy Johns
Texas Road House
Taco Delight
Olive Garden

8 Things I did last week
Drove 3 kids across Texas
Played in the dirt with some boys
Went shopping with Cheryl
At some Turkey
Celebrated Eli's B-day
Baked cookies with Granny and Andrea
Went to visit Buddy (aunt Ruby)
Rode 4-wheelers with my boys

8 Things I look forward to
An 80th birthday celebration today
The Polar Express
Spending more time with family before time to go back to Iowa
Getting my house in order when I get home
The future and what it holds
More time with family
Watching the boys during this Christmas

I tag - Amy Z, Andrea, and Lisa

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Headed South

I have tried twice to do posts with pictures and blogger is just not working with me so here is just an informational post.

We are leaving on Friday headed to Texas while plans are still unclear as to where we will be and when the fact still remains that we will be in Texas on the 15th - 1st. Andy is not coming down until the 23rd so the boys and I will have some time there without him. Andrea and Kaden are going will us and we are excited about that.

Karl is having surgery on the 20th and we hope that it brings a lot of relief for him. Other than that things are just plain crazy here but we call that normal.

I hope that there will be more to come soon - but I make no promises!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Walk for the Cure

Back on the 24th of October we decided to race for the cure. It was crazy! Des Monies had a record 25,000 people we were just 500 people shy of breaking the New York race numbers. There were a lot of people. It was a good day. We walked for a lady a church that is recovering from breast cancer and for Karl's mom who is a survivor.

I know it is hard to see but look down the street at all the people

more people

The McDonald's walking for a cure.

Kaden and dad walking

the group for church that came to walk

The t-shirt says BIG or small save them all

Part of the Beck fam

Another t-shirt

Steph and Jake
Karl showing off his tag

Karl showing off his shirt

Kaden ready to RACE
Part of the group ready to go - all smiles

more smiles

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was a calm day here in our household. These kind of days do not happen very often so we take advantage when we can. So before nap today the boys were hanging out in the living room just calm and still so I took a picture - THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN VERY OFTEN.

Brayson chewing on a water bottle

Brayson's new smile

Braxton chowing down a one of Granny's cookies - he was happy to have that

Brazos watching Diego in the chair - looking over his head at the TV - eating a cookie as well

The whole gang!

Night Eyes

Last Night was Night Eyes at the zoo. The boys got all dressed up in their costumes and were ready to go. Braxton remembered coming last year so he was real excited. I think he was more excited about the candy than anything else. We had planned to go with the Clapps but we got off later than expected and missed them all together. So we will have to wait to see their costumes.

The Deere boys standing in front of the John Deere sign - there were tractors to ride too, but the boys were not interested?

The boys and girls in front of the Night Eyes Pumpkin

They also had some large bounce houses and fun play area but there were a lot of kids and my boys did not want to play, so we took a picture behind this sign instead. I was squatting, picking up Brazos and helping Braxton all at the same time so it did not turn out as well as we had hoped.

Andrea and her little Dragon - he was really cute

Me and my little banana - look at those sweet cheeks
Who do you call when Bumblyburg's in trouble? The cucumber with Super suction ears - Larry Boy - "I am Bat Hero" as my kids say so Brazos was the Bat Hero! Braxton starting asking to be Larry Boy a while back so I did what I could and well this is what we got. It looked okay I thought. He loves being Larry Boy.
The Bat Hero
And Larry Boy himself
Dad and the superhero

Clowning Around

I did not get any pictures of Brazos but here are a few of Brayson and Braxton from this last week.

Brayson has learned how to smile at the camera and it usually looks like this.

Braxton helped me make a browine/cake for Andy for this months birthday celebration

Brayson all smiles

Braxton showing me his power. He told Lisa (his Wed night teacher) that God gave him power so he could save all the people in trouble.

Braxton helping me with the brownies - what a great helper!

Fun time in Lamesa

Well after the funeral we spent a little time with MeMe and PaPaw and I only have 4 pictures to show from it . So here they are. Kelton and Kaden

Brayson checking out Kelton - Kelton showing me how he feels about the camera

Andrea pulling Kaden and Brayson in the wagon

PaPaw pulling Braxton, Karson, and Brazos in the wagon and Cheryl pushing Korbin and Kelton in the stroller

that is all I have - we had a good time - I just did not get many pictures

Funeral = Family times

My great aunt Ethellynn passed away a couple of weeks ago and Andrea the boys and I made a trip to Texas. It was bitter sweet. It was sad to morn the loss of an aunt but at the same time it was great to know that she was a Christian and lived everyday that way made it easier to make the trip and know that she is no longer suffering or in pain. It was so nice to spend time with family and see people that we just don't get to see enough. Here are a lot of pictures from the time we were there. Memories are made everyday!
Some talk at the table - dad, Leland, Ash
Pam, Amy, and Ava
Karen and Dad
Mom, Jennifer, and Kaden
Rex and Miach
Rhett, Ricky, and Coy
Dale, Leland, Pam, Granny
Patsy, Papa, Dale
Karen and Ava
Mom and?
Ashley and T'auna
Jorge and Rick
The Zant Men - Shane, Leland, Shannon, and Lanny
Dad and Micah
Zack and Papa
Renea, Susan, and Laura
Pam and Ava
Mama Z and Kaden
Papa and Braxton
Braxton and Kaden
Micah and Dale
Renea and Susan
Mom, Pam and Ava
Papa and Kaden
Jorge, Dale, and Claudia
Brazos, Kaden, and Regan
Jenny, Renea, and Laura
T'Auna and Maranda
Coy and Laura
Me, Papa and Granny Papa and Granny
Renea, T'auna, and Pam
Maranda and Susan
Boy talk - dad, Micheal, Leland, Zach and Dale
Kaden, T'auna, and Amy
Mama Z and Braxton
Papa and Brayson
Susan and Granny
David, Granny, Claudia, and Patsy