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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playing dress up at MeMe and PaPaw's

While Andy was gone before Thanksgiving he had to be gone over the weekend, so the boys and I packed up and headed to Lamesa. The other cousins were gone so we have the grandparents to ourselves (I think this was a first). The boys had a great time. They did miss playing with the Schmidt boys but still had a lot of fun just the same.

PaPaw helping Braxton get his gun and holster on.

Braxton ready to go.

Brazos playing dress up in hats (there are quite a few of these)

Brayson wanting to get in on all the hat fun

Braxto wanted his picture made too.

Brazos again.

Glasses fun

Cool Dude


Just call me Ray!


Bath Time=Large mess

The boys love to take a bath in my bath tub. The love to play in the water and act as if they are swimming. I like that they can do that and most of the time I enjoy allowing them the opportunity. But, this is something we try to do when Andy is not around becasue they make a large water mess in the floor and it tends to frustrate him.
Brazos, Kaden and Brayson having fun
Kaden coming up for air
Brayson coming up for air
Boys just having fun!
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Dinner at Pa Dale's

We have been trying to go and eat supper on Thursday's with Pa Dale. The boys love going over their and playing. They ask at least once or twice a week if it is the day we get to go. With busy schedules we are lucky if we make it two to three times a month. But, while Andrea and Kaden were here we got to go. The boys did not miss a lick, they went straight for the toys and Kaden followed suite, just like he had been there ten million times before. While I did not manage to get any pictures with Dale here are some of the boys.
Brayson with a mouth full of candy. Ready to go play.
Kaden on the couch.
And Kaden getting off of the couch
Brayson and Brazos playing in the floor.
They really do love to go over there. I am so glad that we have the opportunity to enjoy family.
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Brazos the photographer

Brazos got my camera and went to town talking pictures. He really does a decent job.
By the way, Kaden and Brayson had made their way outside and were enjoy some warm weather with out telling anyone.
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Thanksgiving lunch at school

While Andrea was here we had Thanksgiving lunch with all the boys at school. I was a bad mother and did not take my camera for Brayson or Brazos' lunch, but we did manage to get a couple of pictures with Braxton at school. This was the first and only day my child has eaten in the lunch room. We will have to work on that one.
Me and the boys enjoying some turkey and gravy.
Kaden thought the chocolate pie was good.
Me and Brayson
Trying to keep the boys in line. This is a full time job and one I seem to fail at. I don't know why it is so hard, but maybe if we keep after it one day they will obey and be great adults. Let's all pray about that!
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Ready, Set, Blow

Andrea the entertainer was here and the boys were very excited. She found some bubble gum and was blowing bubbles. And before long we look around and she has a audience. They loved watching her blow bubbles and trying to pop them. It really was quite funny to watch.
Brazos popping the first bubble.
Brayson afraid it was going to get on him
Brazos trying to do the same. He was trying so hard.

Kaden trying to get in on the bubble action. Way to go Andrea. Thanks for entertaining my kids.
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Tent and Tunnel Fun

Kaden and Andrea came to visit while Andy was in Iowa. We were so glad to have someone to play with. Andrea was a great help with the boys and made a week at home feel a lot shorter. One day while Braxton was at school the boys got the tents out and were playing peek-a-boo in the kitchen. It was a lot of fun to watch.
Brazos trying to get it all set up. Kaden and Brayson were giving him a hard time. He was determined.
Kaden was successful at peek-a-boo, Brayson trying to get out, and Brazos all smiles, like his little plan worked.
Brayson convinced that he is in control. Brazos and Kaden feeling the same way.
Found you!
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Game Time

While we were in Paris for Granny's funeral the Aggies were playing ou. So, we decided to get together and push our Ags to a win. I guess we did not push hard enough, but we did have a great time visiting and talking an watching the kids play. Here are some pictures of a fun evening.

Jayla, McKalya, Ava, and Brayson, not sure what is going on here. But, it looks like a stare down.

Brazos all smiles as he plays with Nana (Aunt Pam's) toys

Brayson is ready to ride.

Grandpa (Micheal) and Ava

Brayson and Kaden learning to get along.

Nana (Pam) loving on that Ava

Aggie fans Unite

Kara and Papa watching and wondering

Karl and Pam

Kaden taking Brayson and Ava for a ride

Ava trying to be cool and ride while standing.

Ava is out and Brayson is on the reigns - Kaden is ready for a ride

Karl (the horse) is ready to go - Kaden is on and Brayson is ready for a ride

There is a hold up - Braxton is ready to take over and get all the loot.

Brazos is roping and Braxton has the gun - ready for a hold up