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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Trip Part VI - and I think there will be one more!

MeMe and PaPaw decided to throw a birthday party for the kids since they are not able to come to Iowa for all the birthdays. So we had cake and they rented a blow up swim thing. The kids had a good time and the adults did too. Thanks for the great time.

The cake for all the birthdays

Braxton coming down the slide

Korbin and Brazos holding down the little pool

Brayson just happy to be around

the kids cleaning up after the pinata

Tiffany got there in time for her 18th birthday so of course we had to have cake and celebrate

Look at all those candles

Blow baby blow!!

Tiffany getting some cuddle time in with Kelton

Me Kelton

Brazos coming down the slide

Braxton going off the diving board

Tiffany and BRaxton talking it over

PaPaw watching BRayson with Karson looks on

Korbin coming off the slide

Of course we had to go to Grandma Bell's to check out the train - Braxton asked everyday to go

Brazos also had a great time

Braxton on the slide again

BRazos on the diving board

Andy jumping in

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Trip Part V - More Lamesa

Well here we go again and I still think I will have one more post after this one. Here are some pictures from after Andy arrived and the boys were very glad to see him.

Brazos and Andy riding T-ball

Korbin getting ready to ride his tractor

Korbin playing in the dirt

Karson and mom spending some time together after a hospital stay

Me on a horse for the first time - I think we all got a laugh out of this one

The sweet new little on

Talking it over with me Kelton

Tiffany with the horse

Tiffany riding the horse on her birthday

Braxton playing in the dirt with the skidsteer

Korbin getting ready to get back in the water

Braxton swimming like a little fish

MeMe reading to the kids at bed time. We had a campout every night

MeMe being the hero and saving mom and dad some sleep time by keeping the boys in the bedroom watching TV until the rest of the house hold woke up - thanks MEME

Karson and Kelton

Andy getting the boys - they are at full attention

Karson wearing these stylish glasses that MeMe made

The boys playing in the den

PaPaw holding Kelton at the pool

Tiffany all smiles with Brayson

When it rains in Lamesa everyone comes out to play.

MeMe and Brazos playing the water

Korbin and Brazos checking out the drip

Korbin after playing in the mud

My sweet boys dressed and ready for church

Korbin and PaPaw waiting around

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Trip Part VI - still more to come

Well we had a good time in Lamesa and I am slowly getting through all of my pictures. Here are some from the couple of days that Kelton was born and in the hospital.

PaPaw and Tiffany getting the kids ready to go to the park

Braxton climbing up the tree

Brazos climbing the tree

Karson climbing the tree

The Beck boys in the tree

Four boys in the fort shooting their guns

Braxton and Brazos on attack

PaPaw pulling Karson in the car

Braxton trying to pull Karson as well

BRaxton playing in Mom's sunglasses

Karson and Brazos holding down the fort

Three boys playing cowboys

Brazos and Korbin talking it over on the swing

Karson meeting his little brother for the first time

The boys and PaPaw checking out a fire truck

Brazos playing and all smiles

Korbin finally warming up to me.

Brayson trying to get my camera

Braxton being a cowboy in the fort

Karson all smiles