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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brazos and the cut

So yesterday was a full day. We got up and went to town. We went by and picked up Jennifer and Ava, and headed to the church to paint some plates. I forgot my camera so Jennifer took some and they are on her blog. We painted and they boys played. They had a good time. We then went to McDonalds with a group and they played some more, then home for a nap that they decided they did not need, supper, and then on to VBS. It was a full day. So we get home from VBS and they go swimming in the tub and Brazos is laughing and his tongue looks funny.
I askedhim to stick it out again and he does. He had a huge cut on his tongue and he has no idea when it happened.
It was a long day but I really don't know when it happened either. Our day is always filled with little bumps an bruises but I do not remember any extra drama. Who knows. But we documented it just the same.
Here is his tongue.

Not sure if I can take a picture or not.?

Oh . . . Okay mom look quick.

Now it is fun, Here is the injury

From another angle.

Braxton wanting in on the action.

Look at my tongue mom,.

The Big Bath Tub

So there is a very large jacuzzi tub in my bathroom. . . And the boys wanted to take a bath in it. . . So their mom decided it might be fun . . . well if can't see where this is going, let me help you.
I started the water and Braxton and Brazos came running, they were in the water in a matter of seconds. They then proceeded to "swim" and have a field day. It was a lot of fun to watch all the smiles until the water was all over the floor and dad came in. Andy has not been feeling well and was ready for bed so the bath did not last as long as they had hoped. Brayson did not last as long as the other two. I am sure they will be asking for this privilege quite often, but I think we will have to make it some sort of reward or else dad will have it removed from the bathroom!

Brazos getting ready to JUMP!

I don't know but I think their faces say it all.

Brayson enters the water and Brazos is headed for the bubbles.

Looks like we are in trouble - dad came in!!!
They "we" still all had fun!

Mom's lap full

What happens at nap time? A very nice, quite, peaceful household. It is great and usually goes off without a hitch. We all love the quite time. It make the evening go better and mom's attitude be a little more like it should be. However, another busy time in the Beck house is when nap time is over. When three little boys all decide to wake up within about 15 minutes of each other and all want to cuddle. While I love to cuddle it does make for a lap full. Andy got to see this first hand the other day and decided to document it for me. He they are.

Mom and Brayson, the first one up.

The next two came in at the same time and were all eyes glued to the TV.

Cuddle time is about over and they are all ready for a snack.

Mom enjoying this while it lasts, I know it will all be over all to soon.
I love my boys.

Brayson's bed

We decided to put all the boys in one room to see how they would do. Make them feel that brotherly love that they will one day appreciate. So we put together the toddler bed for Brayson so he could make the move from a crib to a toddler bed.
Of course when daddy gets the tools out all the boys come running. Here are some pictures of our adventure.
Oh, and by the way. Brayson will not sleep in this bed. But, Brazos and Braxton have decided that they both would like to have it. Brazos more than Braxton so therefore Brazos is now the current resident of the toddler bed. He loves the fact that he has the "new" bed. Go figure.
Brayson is adjusting to a big bed as well. He has been sleeping in a twin bed. He is getting better but we still have a ways to go.
More to come . . .

Some thing has dad and Braxton's attention, while Brazos works away.

Now dad is working while Braxton still looks on.

Thanks for helping Brazos

Putting the final touches on the bed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where do I start?

Well it has been a little while since my last update and well I guess it is time to get back into a routine. So, I will start where we are now and go back and play catch up.
Our family in now in New Home, Texas. The boys are adjusting well and seem to like having room to play outside. Although it did take almost a week before they ventured out past the yard. They have enjoyed being able to wonder.
Andy is adjusting well to his job and being home.
I am still unpacking some boxes and trying to find a routine for the boys and myself. I know it will come with time.
We had Brayson's 18 month pictures made this last week and went ahead and had some family pics as well.
Enjoy and I will try my best to do better with the updates.

My precious family

My sweet boys



Brayson, and some of his 18 month pics