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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swim Fun!

The last couple of weeks of summer we were able to be home. It was really nice to be in once place for an extended period of time. We decided to take advantage for free time and spend some quality time with friends in the water. It was a lot of fun to take the boys and watch them go. They have really come a long way with swimming over the last couple of months.
One day I took the boys to fun-n-sun with Danielle and Addisyn. It was a lot of fun to play and swim. Later that week we went to Big Spring to swim at their new pool, it is really nice and of course we had a wonderful time!

Brazos playing with the water ball

He had a lot of fun with the squirting water

Sweet boy

Brayson was all over the place. He is really a little fish in the water. He was running and jumping into the water.

Braxton taking advantage of the spray

The boys trying to stop the water

Brayson wanting in on the action

Braxton swimming

And the famous tongue in the nose

Mr Smiles


Braxton loves the water!~

Danielle and Addisyn


More water fun

Brothers looking on

Braxton stopping to smile

mom and daughter

Braxton spitting water in Brayson's face - after the picture I did put a stop to this!

Brazos all smiles - again
Later in the week we went to Big Spring - it was worth the drive - the boys had a blast

Brazos coming down the slide

Braxton in the water

Brayson on deck and watching the slide

Okay, now he is ready

And down he comes

Ready to go again

Brazos coming down

Korbin ready to go again

Brazos ready to take on the slide

Mark, set, and GO

Cheryl and Ashley having fun
We had a blast this summer in the water and out. So glad we were able to play and have a great time!

Goat Business

Well we are back in the goat business. This year we have two boys that are able to show. Here in Lynn county kids are able to start showing (goats only) in Kindergarten. They are able to show at the local school show and also at County. Braxton did a great job last year and has been asking for more goats for the last couple of months. So, he and Brazos were excited when we told them it was time to go get goats. We went to see our friend Joetta on Tuesday and see what little friends she had for us this year. They boys seems like they were not as interested while we were there and it was a little scary to me. But of course they picked right up when we were on the way home and have not slowed down since.
The goats have done a great job this year. They are already walking a lot better than last year. We also purchased a bottle baby goat for Brayson. He loves it!! It has been a great idea. Captain America is very calm and just goes where every Brayson wants him to go.
We will head to Paris in the next couple of weeks to get a couple more goats, but so far we are working with what we have. The boys are having a last and I am so glad that we can do something for them that shows responsibility.

Andy, catching one of the goats.

Ms Joetta helping the boys load the goats

The boys going back to pick out the winners for this year!

Andy and Braxton talking over the final decisions

Ok, decision made!

Andy they are loaded - Captain America (White), Sonic (red with white patch on head), and Silver (all red). Ready to go to the Beck house hold to be loved and fed well!

First Day of School

It has been so hard for me to accept the fact that school is starting. I have really enjoyed having my kids home this summer and getting to spend time with them. We had a wonderful summer. I was not ready to turn my boys over to their teachers, but realized that it was time. They were very excited to go to school and they were really ready to see all their friends and get back into a routine (ok, maybe I was the one that wanted the routine!)
We got off to a great start and have not looked back. Braxton started the 1st grade and is doing really well. Brazos started Kindergarten and loves it! Brayson and I started our work days at Superkids and will start school after Labor Day. And so it begins.
Another year started! We are excited about this year and all the adventure it brings!

Braxton ready to start the first day!

Brazos ready to go!

And of course Mr BRayson was ready for the first day

Three crazy boys - ready for the first day of school!

Brazos and Mrs. Johnston

Braxton and Mrs. McCann
Here we go!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Cirone's

One of the stops while we were gone was to Andy's aunt and uncle's home in Farmington, IL. It was about 30 minutes outside of Peoria. They have a very nice place and were more than willing to let us come and hang out for a couple of days. They had a lot of things for the boys to do and of course spoiled us rotten while we were there. We don't get to see them as often as we would like but take the opportunities we are given to visit.
The boys got to cook over an open fire, ride in jeeps, play pool, go fishing, and pretty much anything else they could dream up. It was a great couple of day and I have lots of pictures to prove it!

Andy, Brazos and Brayson getting ready to cook their hot dogs, and them smores!

Uncle Bill getting ready to take us for a ride. We went out twice a day on this to see if we could find deer or anything else running around.

Andy and Brazos playing pool

Brayson trying to help out!

You know Braxton and all his many faces

Brazos watching the game to see if he can figure it out.

The love of my life. I could not have asked for anything better!

I like his goofy side too! Not to many people to get see this side of him

Paula, Andy, Brazos, and Brayson down watching them get the boat out.

Braxton playing the ipad

Paula, Bill, and Chris getting supper ready, we were fed very well!

Chris ready to ride with the boys. BRaxton took to Chris and would not leave. It was really fun to watch, Chris was a trooper and answered all his questions and let him just hang out.

Andy and the pool table again.

Brazos downstairs

Bill has three jeeps and the boys thought that was GREAT, so he got all of them out for us and we went for a drive. It was fun to watch the boys with all the big toys. Bill was very kind to share - everything. Andy, Brazos and BRayson in the white jeep

Chris and of course Braxton in the Army jeep

Andy taking the boys for another ride

Our family by the big rock at the entrance to the place

The family

All of us

The blue jeep - or Paula's jeep as BRaxton called it

Our family by the water

The boys down by the water

Bill and Paula out for a drive

Brazos posing for me

Braxton with another funny face

The boys on a rock - There were a lot of great picture places.

The back of the house coming up from the lake

The front of the house

All the jeeps lined up and ready to go

Time for some drink before we head out to fish

Andy and BRazos ready to go out

Braxton and Brayson ready for another adventure

Chris getting everything ready while we all watch ;)

A boat full of great guys!

Braxton's first catch of the day

The boys trying to hold the boat on shore

And time for another adventure

Fish, fish and more fish!

Braxton loved Chris! He had some many questions for him, we told him before we went out that he had a 10 question limit for the day. When he went over 10 question we threw him in the water. He was not very happy about it, but once he was in the water he decided it might be ok. Thanks for being a trooper Braxton and thanks to Chris for putting up with all of us!

Chris showing Braxton that the water is fine

Brayson getting his feet in the water

Uncle Bill, Brazos and Andy - just fishing

And the boats come out - Paula came to help

Chris and BRaxton playing a game on the ipad

Brayson looking in

Just realxing after a great visit.

Chris thanks for putting up with my boys, You are still being talked about!

Brazos and Andy - just chilling

And another game
It was a great trip and one we will make again. So very thankful for family!