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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kitchen and Boys

Things are coming along right now and the kitchen is looking better and better. The floor is in the cabinets are stained and the counter top should be in within the next week. Things are really looking up. The boys hung sheet rock yesterday and we bought the tile for the bathroom so we are moving in the right direction. The boys are loving having all the open space. They have found the circle and just keep running around and around.

We will be heading out on Wednesday for Texas for a family reunion. The boys are excited and really confused. We have told them we are moving to Texas and they are so confused about when and how. So we have done our best to explain that we are just going to visit this time. We do plan to go by the new house and show it to them so maybe they can have more understanding about it. Please pray that it all goes well.

I am going to have Andy try and take pictures of the progress while we are gone, but I make no promises. By the time we get back the kitchen should be done, the hard wood floors mostly done, and the bathroom quite far along.

Brazos walking on the new floor that was down.

Braxton taking his turn to walk as well. During the process the boys had to stay off the kitchen floor for like two days and it was pure torture for all of them. They thought they were so big when Roger gave them the go ahead to walk on the new tile.

The cabinets are stained and I like them more than I thought I would. I love the floor. The tile is this black, with brown and green, it is really pretty. Thanks Roger for hooking us up!

Brayson getting some freedom as well. He was so excited. Dad helping the boys with their tools. They have really been using their tools lately.

Just trying to show the stain on the cabinets in this one. The boys on the floor again. Have I told you how much they love walking on the floor.
Kaden all smiles.

Kaden wanting to help take the pictures.

Braxton the handy man to the rescue. The has all the tools to get the job done.
Braxton helping Brazos with his bottle.

All smiles.

We will take all the smiles we can get. Especially from this one.
Hiding behind dads bottle.

And one more.

Here have the bottle.

The bar area framed out and the fridge in its new place.
All the floor is in. The time looks great.
Things in place along the wall. Brazos mopping the floor.
More slave labor.

Sheetrock is in the this side
Half the wall is up on the fridge side
The oak is up and has the first coat of stain. It is going to look great.
Brazos wanting to show off the kitchen again. The sheet rock is up on the kitchen side as well.
The boys getting ready for Bible class this morning.
Brazos and Brayson playing
This little boys has not felt well this week. But this morning he was doing some better. His eyes still tell the true story.
Brazos all smiles again.

Hide and go seek in under the ladder. This has been a fun game this week.

Look at me mom - I am a big boy!

Braxton trying to act like mom. His cup is his camera. Don't you like the pirate rag on his head.

Andrea all smiles this morning.

Brayson and Brazos smiling for Braxton and his camera.

Monday, March 02, 2009

More Updates

Birthday at our house can be fun especially when you turn 30. If only Andrea had been feeling up to par we really could have had some fun. So we sang and had cake and life went on.

The birthday girl.

Her cake with candles provided by her nephews.

The birthday girl and the nephews.

Braxton blowing out the candles.
Andrea pretending to blow out the candles
Brazos and Brayson busy at work on the wall. Brazos was hammering away.
Brayson all smiles - little mischievous man

Brazos stopping for a smile. He is so stinking cute!

Brayson being a big help.

The boys all working hard on the wall - this was not posed - I could not get them to do this if I tried!

Look at them go!
Kitchen progress. The wall came down and the cabinets too.
From the front door to the back window.
View from the back door.

More working boys.

the wall framed out.

Getting ready for the cabinets.

Bar area

The side before it was framed

Dad playing with the boys

Brazos wanting some dad time - Brayson wanting in on it too.
Dad taking it all very well
Now it is tickle time
Kitchen from the back door.
The new cabinets are in.
Kitchen view from the back door.

More of the same
The back wall - the cabinets are in

Another view

The boys playing in the kitchen - they are loving this
Blocked! I was getting ready to stain. I will post those some time later this week. The tile is going in this week too!!