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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flying High!

We made another trip to Iowa to see everyone and celebrate Braxton's birthday. The boys were super excited that they got to fly on an airplane. I was glad not to spend 4 days of our trip in a car with the boys. The trip went relatively smooth. The boys did well. We had fun while we were in Iowa and as always the boys were glad to see their friends and family. (more to come on that) Here are some pictures from our airport stay and airplane ride. Oh, and by the way . . . Braxton knows that Uncle Jorge builds airplanes and wants to tell everyone. He is so super impressed. He also like to tell everyone about the plane that crashed into the water (on the Hudson), how he remembers that is beyond me. We got some looks every time he brought that up!!

Andy and Brayson working hard before boarding.

Dad helping little man get a drink

Braxton playing with his toys.

Brazos driving tractors and farm equipment

More play time

Birthday boy - thinks transformers are pretty cool.

Brayson playing "catch me" with mom

Brayson and dad playing Diego game

NO, I can do it dad.

Boys working hard on Cars - go dad go.

Are you winning?

while we were in Dallas for a 3 hour lay over - yes that i right!! We found the play area for the kids. And bonus for Braxton it had a tv. The boys were great and played hard. Here is Brazos driving the car

Brayson sporting dads glasses and hat

And now just the hat

Braxton playing on the large suite cases.

Brayson - in the hat again.

Drive Brazos Drive - he thought the car was pretty cool

Dad catching a few zzzz's while the boys played.

Brazos all smiles.

Another picture - really mom - enough.

Dad, Brazos, and Brayson on the plane ready to go.

This boys was excited, but can't seem to look at he camera any more!
Yea, on the ground again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

This has been a very crazy week. It has also been an emotional one as well. My sweet little boy started school this week. He is in Pre-K in New Home and so far, he loves it. I can not believe how fast time goes. It just does not seem like he should be so big, but he is and here we go. We have officially entered a new phase of our life . . . here we go.

We were in Iowa for meet the teacher night so we went early. Ms Bundy was kind enough to come and meet with us so that the first day would be a lot easier.

All smiles . . . or what ever that is.

The sign out in front of the school.

Showing Ms Bundy our real side . . . the tiger has been released.

Taking only a few minutes to make ourselves right at home. This will be a great year.

Brazos of course was right behind, doing everything brother does. (that is another post)

My big boy

Braxton and Ms Bundy

First day of school . . . I am ready to go mom . . . please stop with the pictures

Really, he was so ready to go, he did not want to look.

This was the best one I got.

Even when we were inside, he wanted to see what was going on everywhere else. Can't say that I blame him, but one picture would have been nice.

Finding his locker and putting his things away - he shares a locker with Regan

Sitting at his table - ready to learn

After school, tried again to get a picture - this is what I got.

And, one more look back.

And yet one more try at home - he just did not want his mother to have a good picture of his first day of school, so I have a lot of not so good ones.
We love you Braxton . . . we are ready to see what this year holds, you are an awesome little boy and we know you will make us proud.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Kitchen and Hall

I will post the pictures of the kitchen and hall but first I have to show off my sweet boys. Somehow I managed not to get a picture of Braxton this time, but never fret I will have more soon. MeMe and PaPaw have Braxton and Brazos today and last night so Andy and I took advantage of only having one child and decided to get some things done here at the house.
We at supper at The Last Maverick and came home and got to work. After about a hour we had an empty box and a Brayson that was really interested in playing in that box. He played for a little while but was more interested in following daddy with the hammer. Trying to help!

Brayson with the box

Brayson in the box

Brazos playing with his toys before MeMe came to pick him up.

Okay, now on to the house. Here is the kitchen view from looking from the living room.

Another view - hall and laundry room by the fridge

Kitchen looking back to the back door.

Standing by the table looking to the kitchen window

In the kitchen looking at the back door. The back entry.

From the kitchen window looking back into the living area.

From the kitchen window looking back at the front of the house.

From the bar, looking down the hall

The hall - wow - i know

more hall

new decor added last night