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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


First let me start with Brazos and his tongue. It is better. Amazing. The next morning it was just a little bump and then gone. Our bodies are amazing, Our God is amazing to create such a wonderful body.

Showing off his tongue
Much better.
See mom
Now on to the house, people have been asking to see the house so I thought I would start with the back and work our way around and inside. The back of the house is what you pull up to when you drive up the driveway. The boys love the large open area in the back and all the concrete. They ride and play a lot. They are great and love the house. Here are some pictures of the back of the house.
The left side of the house and all the boys toys. We did have it organized but that only lasts about 10 minutes before it is all crazy again. Big surprise there.
The right side of the house. A 2 car garage.

Another view of the right side

The middle of the back. The door you see is to the laundry room. There is a door in the corner by the garage that is the "main" entrance.
Another view of the left side.
So that is the back - I know it is exciting, I will do better to get more pictures up soon. Just to keep your interest up . . . Here is one picture of the kitchen.
More to come!!!


Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

You have been doing so well keeping us updated and I hanven't been so good to check. Great job, Neil. Glad your little buddy is gone! Thanks for the pics!

The Boyd Gang said...

I bet the boys love having all that room to play. I hope you all are getting settled in and feeling more at home.

Jenni Campbell said...

The house looks awesome! Lots of room for bike riding, roller skating, etc. back there :) Can't wait for more photos!