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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To the Ball Park with Dad

Andy was offered tickets to the Opening weekend of the Iowa Cubs. We decided to take the boys and go for an adventure. We were able to watch the game in style in the John Deere Suite. The boys did great and had a good time we decided not to take Brayson with us so we could spend out time chasing the other two. Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure.

Dad and the boys on the way to the game.

Dad and the boys watching the game from inside the suite, enjoying some popcorn while they watched.

The game Braxton wanted me to take this one so I did.

Cubbie Bear came around to each suite to see the kids, Braxton was excited, Brazos however was not so I do not have a picture of him.

Cubbie wanted to be a Cowboy too. Braxton made sure he got his hat back!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Brayson 3 month

My sweet little boy is 3 months old. I can not believe how fast the time is going. I am so amazed at just how fast they grow and develop over the first year. Here are some of the pictures for his 3 month session. They were not as good as I had hoped but that was God looking out for me so that I did not spend too much money. We will try to get these in the mail soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brown Eyes

We have a lot of brown eyes in our family but a set you may not have seen are these. Andy's eye surgery went well and we are all still trying to adjust to seeing him without his glasses. He has adjusted well and is seeing 20/15 in both eyes. He is proud not to have to put those glasses on everyday. So here is the new Andy.

Here is another set of eyes that are getting more and more brown every day. Brayson is really growing and seems to be getting a personality all of his own. He is a peaceful little one and we are so glad he is here. He has his first ear infection and cold. His nose is stuffy again but not like it was in the past. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and so we hope to have him back on track here in a couple of days.

Naked Cowboy - To say that this cowboys hat and boots are popular items in our house would be a large understatement. This is how I found Brazos the other night. I just can not believe how fast he is growing. he is really starting to put words together in sentences and is quite the little talker and singer.

One more set of Brown eyes in our family belongs to the eldest of the three boys - he loves school and is busier than ever. He is really building on his imagination every day. He loves being outside and his new favorite this are veggie tales. He just walks around singing that song all the time.
Thing have been very busy around here and we have a lot of catching up to do but this will have to work for now. There will be more coming soon.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No New News

Well things have settled down here quite a bit and we are very thankful for that. We had an uneventful week and that was really nice. Wednesday we went over to Iowa City with Brayson and the doctor said that everything looked good. They said that we would not have to come back unless we have any trouble. The weather here has been really pretty and so the older boys have been outside quite a bit. We have all enjoyed having them out. It is raining today and a little cool. So we are inside today and trying to get packed.
We are headed south again tomorrow. We will be there a little over a week. The county show is this week and it holds a special place with us girls so we are going to take the boys and let them have some time with the Da and Mama Z. MeMe and PaPaw are going to come over also so the boys will be in high heaven.
Not much other news, here are some pictures from this week.

Andrea with Kaden and Peyson - she is a trooper

Brayson talking to dad - all smiles here

Dad giving Brazos some powered donuts - say cheese

Braxton posing for the camera

Kaden is happy and all smiles - Brayson not knowing what to do

Mama Z with her hands full at the wedding

Andrea showing the boys how to throw bird seed at the wedding - who is the big kid?

Eli getting it down

Dressing the kids a like at LTC

Braxton giving Brayson some loving

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are you kidding me?

It is SNOWING here. Really enough already. It is April the 3rd and it is snowing. This has been a wild winter and we are really ready for spring. But we are thankful for the moisture and glad that we have a warm place to live. Just wanted to let all you people in the south know what we are seeing out the window today. So far we have had over 60 inches this winter (average around 23). Come on Spring!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

LTC, doctors, Wedding, and back

Well I can say that I have traveled about 3,000 miles in the last two weeks. It has been an adventure and I have not stopped to update in quite some time. Truth be told I have not even been on a computer in over 8 days! That has to be a record for me. Here are some pictures of our travels and adventures.
LTC went off without a hitch. The kids seemed to have a great time and we are all thankful to wrap up another year and have a small break before we start next year. The kids did a wonderful job and I am so proud of the growth that they show from year to year. I am so glad to see leaders coming up that will able to teach, preach, and pass on the church to others.
Brayson's last visit went well. They told us not to come back for three weeks which is today so later today he and I are headed east to see the specialist again. He is doing well and the meds seem to be working - Praise God for that. He is becoming quite the little man. Andrea likes to call him chipmunk because of his cheeks, people at church tell me that he is my child, that is the kind way of saying that he has a full face. But we are thankful to God for his progress and growth.
Andy had his eye surgery and is doing very well. He is seeing 20/15 in one eye and 20/25 in the other eye. He goes back on Thursday for a check up and to see how he is progressing. He looks very different. I do not have a picture of him yet but will get on up this week. He is thankful to be able to see without his glasses and seems to be doing great.
Wedding, Stormi got married on Saturday. To say that she needed us there would be an understatement. The wedding went off with out a hitch but only from the effort of a lot of people, namely Pam, mom, Granny, Papa, and a lot of others. It was beautiful. There are some pictures below.
Well that is all the news for now. I will have more later. Sorry for the long time between posts.

Here is the first wedding cake I have ever done. It was her request and well it took some work. But we got it finished and now it is all gone.

Papa enjoying some time with Brayson before the storm!

Dad and Granny getting ready to go down the isle.

The singers - they did a wonderful job - it was really beautiful

Papa and Stormi getting ready to walk down

Brazos at the hotel playing before all the kids got there

Braxton watching some cartoons and eating pretzels

This picture was taken on Monday morning. I go the kids dressed and ready to go and told them to go play outside while I loaded the car. I got back outside with the first load to find them both in a mud puddle up to the knees. So needless to say I had to do a little unpacking to get some clean clothes to go home in. Boys will be boys and I will learn for this lesson~!

Dad holding Brayson at LTC

Brazos looking down at the street from the 17th floor of the hotel.

The boys at LTC. They were troopers and we were very thankful to have Da and Mama Z there.

Easter morning. They boys were ready for church.

Mama Z getting some time in with Brayson

Da reading to the boys before bed

Brayson's two month pictures.
That is all for now. Sorry it is so scattered but it really fits.