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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brown Eyes

We have a lot of brown eyes in our family but a set you may not have seen are these. Andy's eye surgery went well and we are all still trying to adjust to seeing him without his glasses. He has adjusted well and is seeing 20/15 in both eyes. He is proud not to have to put those glasses on everyday. So here is the new Andy.

Here is another set of eyes that are getting more and more brown every day. Brayson is really growing and seems to be getting a personality all of his own. He is a peaceful little one and we are so glad he is here. He has his first ear infection and cold. His nose is stuffy again but not like it was in the past. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and so we hope to have him back on track here in a couple of days.

Naked Cowboy - To say that this cowboys hat and boots are popular items in our house would be a large understatement. This is how I found Brazos the other night. I just can not believe how fast he is growing. he is really starting to put words together in sentences and is quite the little talker and singer.

One more set of Brown eyes in our family belongs to the eldest of the three boys - he loves school and is busier than ever. He is really building on his imagination every day. He loves being outside and his new favorite this are veggie tales. He just walks around singing that song all the time.
Thing have been very busy around here and we have a lot of catching up to do but this will have to work for now. There will be more coming soon.


Robinson Family said...

What a fun post! (Although, if I'm not mistaken, you missed the final set of brown eyes in your happy, little family).

I've missed you guys. Hope y'all are doing as good as everyone looks.

And, wow! Andy looks SO different without his glasses! Jason had the same procedure done a few years back and I thought the same thing about him...of course, now it's been so long that I look back at photos of him with glasses, and THEY look strange. Congratulations, Andy...I know it is a huge milestone! (At least it was for J)

Paige said...

Stacey, too had the surgery! what I loved was in the middle of the night he didn't have to find his glasses to help with the kids!