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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zant Family Christmas 2009

Well the Zant family Christmas went off without a hitch this year. There were a lot of changes this year some good and some not so good, but we had a great time all the same. We missed having Granny here this year. It was really hard without her as it was one of her favorite times of the year. It was nice to have some cousins there that have not been around for quite some time.
This year we moved Christmas from Christmas day to the 27th. It was nice to have more there, it was a late night but very nice to all be in the same place at the same time.
Here are a few pictures from our day.

Some cousins outside with silly string. Set and ready to play.

Two on one, I don't know if Zach was winning or not?

Sue, all smiles!!

Kaden and Brayson riding in the wagon.

Brazos on the rocking horse trying to pull the wagon with Kaden and Brayson in it.

Adrian and Phillip talking to Papa

The excited bunch - Micah, Jennifer, and Karl - sitting around talking

Michael, Dad, and Vince

Kenda and Jamie

Pam, mom, Ashley, Kara, and Amy in the kitchen

Amy and Jorge

Ashley and Phillip

Karl and Andrea

Micah and Karl

Papa and his great-grand kids

Papa and the grand kids and great-grand kids

Papa and grand kids and great-grand kids and their spouses

Papa and Dad's family (the Rick Zant Family)

Papa and Craig's family

Papa and Pam's family

Papa and Barbara's family

Papa and his kids

Papa and his kids and their spouses

McKayla and Ava playing

Mr Adrain

Beck Chrismas 2009

On Christmas day we traveled down to Lamesa to have Christmas with the Beck clan. The boys were excited and ready to play. The boys are very glad to have cousins to play with and really enjoy their time together. Our time together is always very loud but very fun. This Christmas was no exception. The boys and their parents had a wonderful time.

The boys in front of a sign that PaPaw had when he was a kid

Braxton excited to have a new hot wheel.

Brazos also excited to have one as well.

Brayson digging in to see what he was getting for Christmas.

Cheryl showing off her family ornament for the 2009 year.

Karson sporting his new Larry Boy gear.

Braxton very excited over some new legos!!!

The boys sitting and listening (well kind of) to PaPaw give instructions on their next gift.

The boys (well the boys daddies) sporting the new lights that were in their stockings.

And of course they can not do very much without a lot of help. Thanks boys for all the help!

MeMe giving the boys the new blankets she made for them, now they all have a blanket when they stay at MeMe and PaPaws house.

And listening as PaPaw gives more instructions.

One, two, three, open it up. What do you think it is?

Guns, handcuffs, belts,and holsters for everyone!!! Thanks MeMe and PaPaw and the best part is that these gift also stay at their house!

Korbin and PaPaw talking it over.

Braxton shooting it up!

Howdy Sheriff Braxton

Kelton loving on mom

Six boys in matching pj's thanks to MeMe and PaPaw. We had a wonderful Christmas and are very thankful for such a great family.

One more time!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Day started early as we knew it would. Santa found our new house, we wondered if he would since it was so far away from where we were this time last year. He found us and left the kids some really neat things. The boys were really excited to see what all he brought and to open the rest of their presents.

The tree after santa but before the kids.

Braxton checking out his bucket while Brazos gets ready to take the gator for a ride.

Braxton in the drivers seat while Brazos flashes a smile.

The boys opening another present.

Dad opening his present from mom - tickets to the Independence Bowl. He was a little excited.

Braxton opened his MoonSand and went to town building.

Brazos had fun playing with the moon sand as well

Brayson taking his turn on the gator

The snow all over the ground - the windmill

Out the front door and to the south

Out the front door and to the east.

See Santa foot prints.

The boys loading up their presents into the gator to take them to the couch.

Brazos showing off his new shoes

Braxton reading up on the legos

Brayson just excited to b holding a present.

Dad and Brazos looking over something.

Getting ready for another ride.

Now in the garage!

Brazos taking pictures of dad.

Brazos pic of mom.

Brazos picture of the tree.

The picture of us done.

And one more by Brazos