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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fair Time

While I would like to tell you that I have a lot of pictures from our fun filled days at the fair I do not. I wish I had a ton more since this is Braxton's favorite thing in the world. He starts talking about the fair the day it is over until the next year when it starts again. He loves that Da and Mama Z come to see us and that we all get to go to the fair together. Brazos loves to go to the animal barns and see all the animals, Braxton loves to get on all the tractors, and the rest of us just like to go and look. This year was a lot of fun as well. We rode the sky glyder this year and had a lot of fun - Andrea took pictures for us. So here are all the pictures I have from our adventure at the fair.

Braxton and dad on the yellow car

Mom, Brazos, and Brayson in the red one

Da and Mama Z in the green one

Da catching a nap in the grass

Stopping to relax for a minute after walking for awhile

My little pirates - Brayson


And ever so cooperative Brazos - this is all he would do - so I just took it

Da feeding Brayson a lemon - he loved it! He ate almost all of it.

Brazos playing miniature golf

Brazos being very content in the stroller - he likes to watch

Andy and Brayson checking out the tractors

Braxton ready to drive

The Beck Boys on the sprayer

Braxton on the skid steer - one of his favorite machines

Thanks Da and Mama Z for coming to see us and going to the fair. We had a wonderful time and are already talking about next year. Thanks for making the memories special.

Sweet Corn Festival

Okay so I am a couple of weeks behind in my posts I am going to try and get caught up here in the next couple of days. First things first - Sweet corn! Up here in corn country they have this thing called a sweet corn festival. It occurs once a year in August and we look forward to it every year. This year was no exception, we have a great time, ate a lot of corn, and played hard all day. Here are some pictures of our adventure filled day, some how I did not get many of Brazos so he is only in a couple.

Corn for all of us. Thanks for standing in line for us McDonald's

Andy ready to dig in

Andrea and Brazos ready to pass out the corn

Braxton enjoying some peaches and cream

Mom enjoying some too

Ready, set, eat!

Too late - he already started

Can I have some corn too so I don't have to eat this grass?

Sweet corn? - No sweet little boy

The fun day comes filled with a parade with lots of candy being thrown - the boys are ready with dad

Okay bring on the parade

Score - Brayson enjoying some of the sweet treats

Brazos and mom checking out the fire truck

Uncle Karl watching the younger two while we took the older two to ride a couple of rides

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Braxton

Today marks 4 years that my sweet little boy has been with us. We are so excited to have him and all of his energy. It is so hard for me to believe that it has been four years. He is growing so fast and gets smarter everyday. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He loves his family and likes to make sure everyone is included. He makes sure that his brothers are taken care of and is a great older brother. He is a cowboy at all times (even when I want to burn the hat and jeans). He is true to himself and really does not let others influence him. He is a leader and a great son. I look forward to many things from Braxton in the future.
Braxton also shares this day with Macy in Texas - Happy Birthday Macy!!!

Trying to capture me on the video

Trying to splash mom with a bucket of water

My cowboy playing in Texas at the fort

Hanging out at MeMe and PaPaws

Always ready to Drive a tractor.

I am so glad that God blessed our lives with you. You are a light to us and to others around you. You are full of energy and rarely meet a stranger. You like to make sure that other are included and you like to talk a lot. You love your hat, boots and jeans. Over this past summer I was able to talk you into wearing shorts all of 5 times. You like what you like and stand by that and that is good. Your dad and I are so proud of you and your knowledge. You continue to amaze us with what you retain and repeat back even after a lot of time has passed. You are a wonderful young man who reminds us every night to pray and brush your teeth. You like to camp out in the living room with dad and play in the sand with Brazos. Your imagination is coming alive and it is so much fun to watch. You are becoming more of a little man and less of the little boy. You make me proud each and every day. You are consistent and we love you more than you will ever realize. Thank you God for blessing us with Braxton. We look forward to many more years of watching you grow and mature into a Christian man. We love you son.
Mom and Dad

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Granny Zant!!
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. Today marks 10 years that I have been married to this wonderful man. We have made a lot of memories and have a lot more to come. We are celebrating today with family, Da and Mama Z are here, Andrea, Karl, and the boys. We are going to have a great day.
We are going to go to Germany and Spain in September. I am super excited about that. I am nervous about leaving my kids. I know they will be in good hands here but I have never, NEVER been away from them. So it will be a new experience for all of us.
So Happy Anniversary Andy Beck - I LOVE YOU!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happenings and Happy Birthday

Well I do not have any pictures to post because I have not downloaded them and I am to lazy to do that right now. Things are going well here. Mom and Dad are coming in tomorrow to see the boys and go to the fair. The boys are pumped. Braxton will be having a birthday this week and he knows it this time. He know that his birthday is coming and is ready to be 4 like Rosa. Brazos is just trying to match Braxton step for step and does a pretty good job at it most days. Brayson is having a rough week but we are going to make it through. He has been running a high fever and just been fussy. His fever has been in the 102-103 range for 48 hours. We went to the doctor yesterday and they thought he might have a respiratory infection. So we started an antibiotic and we go back today. They wanted to do a follow up due to the fever. So we will see what they say today.
Happy Birthday to tia AMY!!!
Happy Birthday to cousin Kristi!
I will do my best to get some pictures posted in the next couple of days and an update on Brayson.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

War Wounds, Hair Cut, and Just fun times

We took the kids to the zoo last Friday and we took Kaden with us while his parents went on a date. So, being the mean aunt and uncle that we are we had a snake painted on his head. Cute - huh?!?!

Brazos was riding his 4-wheeler down the hill and decided to take a bite out of Braxton's tire that sent him down the hill without his 4-wheeler which he decided to stop it all with his face. He is taking it all well, but it looks bad.

Brayson got but by something. His eye is swollen and we now have some drops, today it looks much better and there is little red left.

Braxton is fine - at least when this picture was taken, today he has a knot on his head and a couple of spots on his back. So, we are healing and getting our bodies back to their normal state.

The boys playing in the living room waiting on dinner to get ready

On to the Haircut. Brayson had a haircut this week. Here are some before and after pictures. Karl did a good job on the cut and dad did a good job holding on. He was great through it all.

Side one before

Front before

The cut

Side view after

Front view after - doesn't he look so big - I am always amazed at how much older they look after their hair cuts.

My boys all dressed up and ready to go to Bible Class

After worship I tried to get another picture - it worked somewhat

Brazos pulling Kaden in the stroller. Fun and wild times here

We took all the boys to the pool this last week as it was the last week the pool was open here in the neighborhood. They had a good time. We wish it was still open - we are going to try and see if they will keep it open longer next year.

The boys getting water to pour on me.