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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No New News

Well things have settled down here quite a bit and we are very thankful for that. We had an uneventful week and that was really nice. Wednesday we went over to Iowa City with Brayson and the doctor said that everything looked good. They said that we would not have to come back unless we have any trouble. The weather here has been really pretty and so the older boys have been outside quite a bit. We have all enjoyed having them out. It is raining today and a little cool. So we are inside today and trying to get packed.
We are headed south again tomorrow. We will be there a little over a week. The county show is this week and it holds a special place with us girls so we are going to take the boys and let them have some time with the Da and Mama Z. MeMe and PaPaw are going to come over also so the boys will be in high heaven.
Not much other news, here are some pictures from this week.

Andrea with Kaden and Peyson - she is a trooper

Brayson talking to dad - all smiles here

Dad giving Brazos some powered donuts - say cheese

Braxton posing for the camera

Kaden is happy and all smiles - Brayson not knowing what to do

Mama Z with her hands full at the wedding

Andrea showing the boys how to throw bird seed at the wedding - who is the big kid?

Eli getting it down

Dressing the kids a like at LTC

Braxton giving Brayson some loving


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

so glad that you guys are able to relax. love the pictures and praise God that all is well and no more doctor visits for awhile.

safe travels to you!


daughteroftheking said...

Little Brayson is getting so big!! He sure is a cutie! Glad to hear that the Dr reports are good.