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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swim Fun!

The last couple of weeks of summer we were able to be home. It was really nice to be in once place for an extended period of time. We decided to take advantage for free time and spend some quality time with friends in the water. It was a lot of fun to take the boys and watch them go. They have really come a long way with swimming over the last couple of months.
One day I took the boys to fun-n-sun with Danielle and Addisyn. It was a lot of fun to play and swim. Later that week we went to Big Spring to swim at their new pool, it is really nice and of course we had a wonderful time!

Brazos playing with the water ball

He had a lot of fun with the squirting water

Sweet boy

Brayson was all over the place. He is really a little fish in the water. He was running and jumping into the water.

Braxton taking advantage of the spray

The boys trying to stop the water

Brayson wanting in on the action

Braxton swimming

And the famous tongue in the nose

Mr Smiles


Braxton loves the water!~

Danielle and Addisyn


More water fun

Brothers looking on

Braxton stopping to smile

mom and daughter

Braxton spitting water in Brayson's face - after the picture I did put a stop to this!

Brazos all smiles - again
Later in the week we went to Big Spring - it was worth the drive - the boys had a blast

Brazos coming down the slide

Braxton in the water

Brayson on deck and watching the slide

Okay, now he is ready

And down he comes

Ready to go again

Brazos coming down

Korbin ready to go again

Brazos ready to take on the slide

Mark, set, and GO

Cheryl and Ashley having fun
We had a blast this summer in the water and out. So glad we were able to play and have a great time!