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Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Trip Part III - Before Kelton

Here are the last couple of pictures of the Beck/Schmidt clan the week before the arrival of the 6th boy - Mr Kelton. More of that to come on the next post. We had a great time in Lamesa and the kids really are enjoying playing together more and more with each visit. Who knew that 5 boys could have so much fun. This group of 6 will be hard to keep up with in the next couple of years. Look out world here we come!!

Braxton swimming - look at that wink - this kid LOVES the water

Brent and Korbin going down the slide - Korbin is a dare devil

PaPaw reading at the library to Korbin and Brazos

MeMe reading to Karson, Braxton, and Brayson

Four boys having a snack in the kitchen

Brayson sitting up like a big boy - this little one is growing fast!

More reading by PaPaw - that George sure stays in trouble

PaPaw riding with Braxton

and Brazos

and Korbin

Braxton riding the tractor - he fixed this thing a time or two.

Brazos fashing a smile

Brazos going down the slide

the boys watching uncle Brent aka dad to some on the horse

Karson all smiles

Not sure what he was saying - but he was serious about it

Brazos trying to make friends with uncle Brent

Karson out to get the bad guys

Korbin trying to figure out if aunt Lyneil is a friend or enemy?

Korbin safe with mom

Sweet little Brayson - all smiles

The boys playing at the park

1 comment:

Jorge and Amy said...

I love the pics. Neil, can you ask the Brazil folks to let me view their blog. I like to see it every now and then. It's different (life there), you know! I tried to email, but I couldn't from blogger. Would you ask them if they mind. It think it's really interesting. Tell them I'm not a wierdo--just your sister. Thanks