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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Today I have 26 - you are going to get a double Thursday 13 this week.
First - 13 things that have gone well, been a blessing, and prayers that have been answered:
1. Brazos got his first tooth - at 9 months it was time and he took his time cutting that tooth but it is finally in. You can almost see it.
2. Brazos said his fist mumble this week and it was mama. I know you think I am pulling you leg, but I got it on video so I have proof. I will try to upload it later this week. My husband said I was on cloud nine. I do realize he does not know what he is saying but I really don't care! He said it!!
3. We have been helping some refuges from Africa that are members of the church here. This week Alphonso (the dad) for a job. He has had two part time jobs and this week he was blessed with a full time job.
4. Warmer temperatures. This week has been a cold one. On Saturday and Sunday it did not get over 4. When the wind blows you think you are literally going to freeze. Yesterday and today it got up to 14 and 18. You can tell a difference and we like the warmth.
5. Dad is having luck with his new endeavor. My dad went out on his own in December as an outside inspector. He took a leap of faith and so far it has proven well. He got another call this week with a lot of promising news.
6. Braxton is growing - I know he is suppose to right. Well that has not always been the case for us. He took his time getting to 20 pounds - 20+ months before that happened. It was due to allergies we found out later, but now he is unstoppable, and growing like a week. We weighted him this weekend and he was at a whopping 30.4 pounds.
7. Last week I had a Tupperware party and it went well. Andrea and I have signed up to sale Tupperware and the party was our first. It was a hit and we are off to a good start. Thanks to Paige and Ashley for hosting our first catalog shows - you are awesome!
8. LTC -is going well. I have not yet made one practice. We practice on Sunday afternoons and I have been at home with sleeping boys so far. Andy, Karl, and Andrea have been blessings and they are doing a wonderful job.
9. Braxton likes to play. He is discovering that he likes to play with a lot of different things. He loves to play with his trains, play dough, tractors and Lego's. There are many more toys but these are leading the pack right now.
10. Lisa (a fellow/former AFCer) had a precious little girl this week. Thanks to God for a safe and healthy delivery.
11. Class is going well. We have a class on Saturday mornings and it is going well. I am very happy about this because you just never know how things will turn out. It really has been a blessing
12. Prayer life. My prayer life has gotten much better and it seems over the last couple of weeks things have been going really well. I am happy to be in communication with my Father.
13. Life is good. I am so very blessed beyond measure. I know I often take the things I am given as things I have worked for or earned but in reality I know that they are blessings from God and
I am to use them to do his work. I hope that I am doing this to be best of my ability. Thanks be to God for all that we are given.
My next 13 is a prayer list. Some of these things are a repeat from last week and some are new. It really helps to have more people praying. Thanks.
1. Granny Zant - is in the hospital with fluid on her lungs. Please pray for safe recovery.
2. Elizabeth Fry - is also in the hospital with pneumonia. Please pray for her recovery as well.
3. Anna - Lisa's (our minister's wife) cousin. She had a tumor removed from her uterus and soon there after found out she was pregnant. She lost the baby this week and is having trouble dealing with it.
4. Lori - is getting better but last I heard was still in the hospital. I know she will be ready to see her sons when she gets out.
5. Jay Williams - is still in the hospital. He is beginning to open his eyes and respond. He does have some bruising on his brain. Please pray that his body will continue to heal.
6. Ruby - A lady at church had a knee replaced about 2 months ago. Her therapy was not going well and she was not able to straighten her leg. They are going in today to do that. They are going to put her to sleep and straighten her leg. I know she will be in pain so please pray that this will work and that she will recover well.
7. John Mitchell - a member of our congregation was to have a spot (cancer) removed from his lung on Tuesday. When he got to the hospital he found out that he has pneumonia and they could not do the procedure. Please pray that he will recover soon and be able to get the spot removed.
8. Steve Brown - had a pollop removed from his colon this last week and is still in the hospital. He is taking some time to recover from this, please pray that his body will heal so that he can go home.
9. Jane - Colby's (our minister) grandmother is still struggling. She started Chemo this week and it is taking its toll. Colby and his family went to Texas this week to see her.
10. Derald Lewis (one of our elders) is having trouble with his feet. His is a diabetic and his feet are not well. He had some cracking this week and has not been able to get around.
11. Our youth - I co-teach the 7-12th grade ladies on Wednesday nights and I am amazed at all the things these girls go through. I wish I could just pound into their heads that things will be okay and not to worry but they just don't understand (as I am sure I did not either at that age). Please pray for our youth and all the things they are faced with daily.
12. Family - All the families of the people mentioned above need our prayers. It is hard to deal with our daily life sometimes but things get even harder when we are faced with trials, please pray for strength and love as these families deal with these problems.
13. Me - I know this one is a little selfish but I feel some days like I am burdened with more than I can handle. I know that it will only make me stronger in the long run and most trials are a test but please pray that I can handle them the way that God would want me to.
Thanks for reading this long TT.


Paige said...

I was just telling a friend yesterday that I just FEEL so grownup. Having to deal with all this grownup stuff is hard. So many around us are ill or are going through things that haunt me until I pray (which is a lot lately) to have them lifted. What a blessing to all those people that you are lifting prayers up for them and sharing these requests so others can help.

So cool about your dad! AND your Tupperware business. I am excited to host a catalog party for you! I just want those stinking catalogs to get here. My friends are so excited.

Love you Cousin!

Josh, Jen, & Vivi said...

Thank you for your blog Lyneil. It's great reading and seeing how you are all doing. Sorry we didn't get to see each other. Our time in Iowa went too fast! We plan to visit again in June so maybe we can see each other then.

Take care,