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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How we love Uncle Karl

Sunday afternoon we had lunch outside in the cool. We were enjoying our time outside with family. After lunch we decided to have some cake and ice cream that was left over from the birthday part. I fixed Braxton a sugar cone with a little bit of chocolate chip ice cream. He was enjoying his "cream creams" when he decided to eat the end of the cone first. He does not eat ice cream quite fast enough so it tends to melt faster than it goes in, hence the reason we try to eat this delicious snack outside.
Braxton is dripping in ice cream when he decides that he needs to give uncle Karl and hug and kiss.
Karl is super excited about this as you can see from the pictures!
Thanks uncle Karl for being a super sport and loving you nephew no matter what!


Robinson Family said...

That is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing the moment with us. (And way to go, Uncle Karl! It's not easy to smile when you're sticky)

Now about your "outside in the cool" comment...don't you think that's rubbing it in JUST a little? Just kidding...although I wish you could send a little "cool" this way!

Krawl and Anra said...

That was too funny. I loved the smiles from Karl. And to hear dad laugh....well, we'll just say that it was a great moment. I am glad that we were here to be a part of it!

Paige said...

Great moments. I am glad you had your camera ready...SERIOUSLY send some COOL our way!