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Monday, August 28, 2006

Still Friends

Everyone knows that our family was founded in College Station. The AFC holds a special place in our hearts as that is where Andy and I met. We dated and married while we were still in school. We lived in College Station for 3 years after we were married finishing up school and enjoying our time with friends and family.
We moved from CS to this foreign land of the north called Iowa. We have made a home here but we will forever be Aggies. Therefore we fill it our duty to brain wash our children to love the school that helped in making our union. The great Texas A & M. Our children have clothes that bear this wonderful place called Aggieland.
Our minister and his wife attended another school a little further north called OC. This is fine. We as Aggies have a great appreciation for Christian schools. There is a big line that runs from ACU to TAMU. We love our friends that choose to attends these wonderful schools. What we as Aggies tend to frown on is the other school in Oklahoma know as O poo (OU). Rosa is a good friend to Braxton and they get along great but the other day she came to my house in OU clothing! What were they thinking!!! We let her stay but we thought it only fair to read one of Braxton's favorite books to her over and over again.
Aggie Goose Rhymes is Braxton's favorite. He has HOWDY, HULLABALOO, GIG 'EM, CAVALRY, and WHOOP down real well. By the time Rosa went home she was saying Aggie real clear. Her mom called to ask what I was teaching her child. I told her only things that were good and pleasing to God!
Here are some pictures of the kids in there school outfits. Go Ags.


Paige said...

Love the new template! Where did you find it? WE got RAIN today! Love Aggie spirit!

aggiejenn said...

Too cute! :-) Caleb's had Aggie gear ever since he was tiny. Gotta brain wash 'em early, huh?!?

Robinson Family said...

That's hillarious! I'm glad you let Rosa would have been a little bit harsh kicking that sweet little girl out for innappropriate attire.