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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Paris Memories

Seems like I did not get as many pictures in Paris as I did in Lamesa. I know that I did not get any of the boys feeding the sheep and they did it everyday. I guess it was just to wet. So here is what I did have. This will be the last post from our trip maybe by the middle of next week I will be caught up on all our adventures.

Da on the phone with Braxton helping, Braxton trying to put on Da's boot to go outside, Braxton and Brazos swinging at Wade's Park, The boys on the tire swing.

Braxton on the rocket - he loved that thing, Mama Z and Brazos on the tire swing, Mama Z and Brazos walking at the park, Braxton on the fire truck.

Hunter, Braxton, and Brazos swimming in the back yard, Jennifer with a sleeping boy, Braxton building, Mama Z and Brazos playing

Brazos loved Da's hats so Mama Z found him one to play with, Braxton got up one morning and got dressed on his own to make it outside before Da left - you can't tell real well from the picture but he has on Brazos onesise wrong side out and a pair of his shorts and he is putting on Mama Z's rubber boots. Mama Z reading to Braxton, Mama Z reading to the boys while one tries to escape.


Rachel said...

Sweet pictures!

Robinson Family said...

Great pictures...I especially love the one of Braxton on the rocket!

Paige said...

These guys are growing up too fast!