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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

16 weeks

That is how far along in our third pregnancy I am. Surprised??? We were too. We are very excited and happy to be blessed with another child. Our official due date is 1/22/07 - but because of my having a c-section they will take it a week early. No dates yet, but that too will come soon.

Because of the gestational diabetes I had with Brazos they are going to test me early this time. So a week from today I will take the first of what could be three glucose tests. I am of course hoping for the best.

This pregnancy has started off with a bang. We were surprised to find out. My first appointment was at 13 weeks because we were out of town when they wanted to see me at 9 weeks. Then when we finally did get in the doctor thought I might be further along than I thought. I was pretty sure on the date so the other suggestion was of course multiplies?!!? Thankfully, a sonogram a couple of days later proved that our date was correct and showed us that there was in fact just one child.

So here we are at 16 weeks. Thankful to God for yet another blessing in our lives.


Robinson Family said...

Oh wow! I'm so surprised, but SO excited for y'all!! How wonderful for you and Andrea to be able to experience pregnancy together, and your babies will be so close in age, too! Congratulations!! Do y'all plan to find out gender, or are you going to keep it a secret, too!?

Rachel said...

Holy Cow! How exciting! Congratulations!

Heather said...

Yeah!! That is sooo much fun! How close are you and Andrea?