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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School

I can not believe it but my little boy started school today. He is getting big so fast. I found a Tuesday/Thursday school for him that is really close to the house. He goes from 9:00 - 11:30 a couple days a week. We went yesterday for the orientation and he loved it he was ready to go back today.
We got this morning and he asked it he could go to school. So here are the pictures of our first day. Braxton showing off his new CARS backpack.
He was ready to go in. He was really not interested in taking pictures.
In front of the door. Once again - he was ready to go in and not really interested in getting his pictures taken. Brazos was excited about going in also. He though he was going to get to stay too.
Finding his name on the board. He found it in no time. He kept talking about holding his name.
He found his cubby and was able to find his name again. He loved the fact that his name was in so many places.
Once all the formal things were out of the way - he went directly to the toys. Brazos is there also. He did not want to go home with me.

I told Braxton I was going and he looked up at me and said bye! I am so glad that he as able to transition well. When I picked him up today he was excited and already talking about coming back. Thank you God for a child who wants to learn and for making today easy on me.

1 comment:

Robinson Family said...

Sweet boys. I'm so glad he had a good first day!