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Thursday, April 06, 2006


This is a random blog. Just a couple of things on my mind.
The first picture is of Braxton and Buddy (Aunt Ruby). Buddy is my Mama Denton's sister. We lost Mama Denton in May before Braxton was born and when we went to Paris in March we were able to make a trip over to Clarksville to visit. It was nice to see her and see the all similar things between she and my Mama Denton. What a blessing to still have her. She is 91 and doing well.

The other picture is of Braxton and our new friend Logan. Logan is Rosa's little brother and he arrived on Feb 11th and has been growing. Braxton likes to hold him and does not want to hear him cry. I know it will be a little different story when Brazos arrives but I like the fact the he is getting some time in with a little one so it is not such a shock.

Our stress test this week went well. Both were quick compared to the last few. We got them down to about 30 minutes. Better! We saw the OB today and started out weekly appointments. There was no progression - surprise, surprise. I did have quite a bit of swelling, so I got to meet with the diabetes doctor again. They decided that we do need to do another ultrasound. It is scheduled for Next Wednesday at 9:20. I am interested to see how big he is going to be. The diabetes doctor gave me some new insulin as I guess it can go bad, we are going to try and see it that will help and call in again Monday and see where we are.

One last thing. Just wanted to tell everyone to pray for our little cousin Emaline and her family. She is going through a lot of tests and medical labs. This is a trying time for them as children and their parents as evidence of our last blog. Just pray that they can find out what is wrong and how to make it better!


MamaZ said...

Hi from Sue's house!

We enjoyed reading your blog. We're sorry yesterday was so trying. Did you have storms today? The weather map looked pretty promising for stormy weather. I'm home from the conference. Sue is going to eat a salad for supper. I don't know what I will fix. I guess the refrigerator will help me. I'll call you tonight after 9:00 and ask about Emaline. Sue and I are both cursious. Babies feeling bad are a double whammy.

Love y'all,

Sue and Mom

Paige said...

Sweet cousin, thank you for asking for prayers. I know that tomorrow will go just fine, God is in control. I hate that Braxton is going through tests as well. Holding down children is NOT fun! Thanks for the updates on your health, keep them coming. We hope to visit buddy Easter weekend. She looks good in the picture. Love you.

Krawl and Anra said...

You and Sue can acess Paige's site if you want. It is as follows:

You can also just click on the names of the people that have left comments. For instance, if you click on paige's name beside "paige said..." it will take you to her site!

Have fun surfing!

Love ya!