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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The boys are thankful that Karl is home

Well Karl returned and my boys were really happy to have some additional activity in the house. Brazos was ready to play ball and Braxton was ready to do anything other than what he had been doing. The weather was really cold the first couple of days but this weekend has proven to be much better with our temperature today getting to 45. The boys were excited and we have spend a good deal of time outside. Braxton was especially happy because he got to get the 4-wheeler out and take it for a spin. Karl and I took the boys to the church parking lot to give them some freedom with the 4-wheeler and room to run. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.

Brazos and Karl playing ball the day he came home
Yea - I am so glad I can play with someone besides these people.
Karl and Braxton enjoying some time on the 4-wheeler
Rosa decided that she wanted to ride also
Karl and Braxton having a good time
Brazos decided at the last minute that he wanted to ride also. He thought it was fun once he got on.
At home the game turned to horse. Braxton has been asking me to play horse for over a week and I just flat had to tell him no - so needless to say I was glad that Karl was willing.
Brazos taking a turn
Braxton calling giddy-up
The horse and rider after Brazos
Thanks uncle Karl for taking the time to play with your nephews. They were really glad to have you back.

1 comment:

Josh, Jen, & Vivi said...

Where is Uncle Karl´s helmut??? We do not want any lost time injuries!!!