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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easter Pictures

Here are some pictures I took of the boys at Easter. These were taken at the egg hunt at church. It was a very chili afternoon. It did not get above 40 that day. We had over 1,000 eggs for about 20 kids, needless to say they all made a hall. They boys did well and really had a great time.

I have more pictures of Easter morning and them opening their Easter Baskets but they are on Andrea's camera so I will have to post them later.

My new computer should be here next week. I am really excited to get a computer upstairs again. One good note is that the geek squad were able to get all of my pictures and files off of the other computer!!! Saved by the geek squad!!

I will try to post more pictures soon.
By the way if you have not seen the videos yet, take a look. I was so proud to figure it out. I hope to have more of those to post soon. I think the grandparents might enjoy them.

Braxton finding eggs

Are you ready to hunt eggs?

Braxton wanted to hunt with the big kids even though we had a separate place set up for the little ones. So we let him. He is such a big boy.

Dad helping Brazos find some eggs.

Brazos loved putting the eggs in the bucket

Braxton finding more eggs

1 comment:

Josh, Jen, & Vivi said...

I wish that I could have hunted Easter Eggs this year. Next year Vivi will be ready to hunt with me. I cannot wait. Josh