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Thursday, April 26, 2007

As requested

So I know that some of you are going to get tired of the videos but the grandparents really seem to be enjoying them. Braxton also likes to watch himself on the computer over and over again. His favorite blogs to check are the ones with videos. He likes to watch them and then say - play that again mommy. Too cute.

The boys are really getting bigger. In these videos you can see some progression. Brazos is crawling all over the yard in one and walking in the next and they were taken about 4 days apart. He is finally decided that walking will be okay with him. He is really trying to scoot now. But when he needs to get away from big brother fast he drops and crawls as fast as he can.

Enjoy!! I am going to put some new pictures out later as well. Might be today and then again it might be tomorrow.

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