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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Day in the Life of a two year old.

I only wish I had pictures to post. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that today has been an eventful one. We made it to Texas safely and things have been going well. The boys are enjoying their time with grandparents and adjusting quite well. Brazos has been running a small fever but seems to be better today than yesterday. Braxton is asking lots of questions and learning a lot.
Today - I have two stories for today!
It has been raining here in Paris and it is a little muddy outside. It cleared off for a little while this morning so Da and Braxton went out to feed the sheep, ride the 4-wheeler, move the tractor, and what ever else they could find to do. They came back in and someone on the road had a flat. Da brought Braxton inside and headed out to the road to help. I was tending to Brazos and got Braxton a snack and went about my business. I looked up and asked where he was? No one knew. I went outside and started heading for the road - where I found Da changing the tire and you guessed it Braxton sitting the 4-wheeler at the road! We had a talk and finished changing the tire in the rain.
After an uneventful afternoon we headed to church of Bible class- things went well. After class we went to Braum's for some ice cream (we do this on Wednesday nights but it is usually McDonalds) we go inside and get in line. As we are waiting our turn we are talking to Micah and Jennifer, the man at the counter looks over at me and then down at Braxton. I thought what was that look for? So I look down at my son to find him stripped from the waist to the ankles and relieving himself on the counter at Braum's. While I am glad he did not go in his pants I was quite embarrassed. I did not know weather to laugh or cry. We asked for a mop and cleaned up the mess. We got our ice cream and laughed at our little entertainer. I can not believe what kids will do.
Thank you God for the innocence. We will see what tomorrow holds!


Heather said...

Boys will be boys!!

Glad you made it safely...

Merry Christmas!

Paige said...

I just laughed out loud!!!! What that Braum's employee must have been thinking!!!!!!!!!!! You crazy mom!

Blessed Assurances said...

Oohhh, that is too funny! I can gurantee that one day I will have a story the same-sometimes I even have to remind Jeff to "go to the potty" No, not really, just kidding!

Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

Holy cow! I guess that's why I'm glad I have a girl. Although a girl could probably do that, too, just not as effectively.