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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
Here are 13 of Braxton and Brazos' cousins. These are cousins that we have pictures of. If you do not see a cousin on here that you know the boys have it is because I DO NOT HAVE A PICTURE. You can fix this! Send me some pictures! Enjoy!

There are two cousins in this picture - Cousin Karson and little boy Schmidt - can you find him? He will be here in January!

Jaxson and Maddox Zant - we have not seen Maddox yet and have only met Jaxx once - we look forward to seeing them at the reunion in January!

These are some Cagle cousins. Faith, Katy, and Elijah. Also some cousins we have not gotten to meet in person but hope to meet them soon!
Avery Zant - We will get to see her again in January.

Cousin Parker - We will have to play soon!
More Zant cousins - Karson and Reagyn. We will get to meet them both in January also!
Sweet cousin Emaline

Mr Zachary Zant

The girl in the purple is Miss Kourtney Ellyson

The Beck Cousin Clan - Katie, Brianna, Brylie, Sarah (she shares a birthday with Brazos - they are nine years apart), Hannah, Laura, Karson, Braxton and Brazos. This is a fun bunch to get together!! And there are two more on the way - we are going to have a lot of cousins here!

Mr. Eli Grose.
Mr. Hunter Grose holding Brazos

Maci Ellyson (she and Braxton also share a birthday - they are one year apart!)
Callie Tidwell - (she is going to be a big sister soon - another cousin on the way!)

I did not number these because I think there are more than 13. We are thankful for all of our cousins and are so lucky to have the Internet so we can watch each other grow. Thanks for keeping up with us.


Robinson Family said...

Haha...more like the Thursday Thirty today, Lyneil! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures.

Krawl and Anra said...

Oh, the excitement of getting to actually see some of these little ones! I must say that I am a little partial to all of the ones from the Zant and Cagle side rather than the Beck offense.

Blessed Assurances said...

Lyneil this was great! I love that you included my favorite nieces and nephews! What a great idea
Have a great day!

Paige said...

I think it is the best one yet! Thanks for including these Cagle cousins! We love you!