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Friday, September 08, 2006

Daddy's Socks

Braxton loves to wear his daddy's socks. Andy cam just take off his shoes and Braxton is right there to help him take off his socks. Braxton gets dads socks off and then he sits down and puts them on himself. He is such a big boy. He likes to walk around the house with dads socks on.
I just can not believe how big he is getting. He is doing well with potty training. We starting hitting it hot and heavy again on Tuesday after our fun trip. He has not had on a diaper (with exception of bed time) since Tuesday. He is doing so well. He has only had one accident! I am so proud of my big boy.
Thanks for sharing in these memories with us. These truly are special time and I look forward to each and everyday. It is exciting to get up and see what new things these boys will grant me. They are such a blessing. I love these boys - what more can I say!

1 comment:

Robinson Family said...

Precious!! Thanks for sharing these pics of your adorable Braxton.