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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Week

This week has proved to be a productive week here at the Beck household! We have started another marriage class. Andy and I facilitate a marriage class and we started a new one last night. Football is underway and fall is in the air.

Braxton is feeling better and on the up. Brazos has caught his first fall cold. He has a runny nose. He is being a trooper. I hope this will pass soon.
Here is another picture of Brazos and Braxton. They are growing so fast. I have to cut this one short. I have a small one ready to get up from his nap and an older one that wants to be read to.
If you have time go and visit Calissa and see what a wonderful job she did with a video. I am not that computer savvy yet. The video is great. Thanks Calissa for doing this for these families, what a precious gift!

1 comment:

Robinson Family said...

That is awesome that y'all facilitate a marriage it one you made up on your own, or one that's already formatted, like HNHN? I'm sure it strengthens your marriage and blesses the lives of so many others! Way to go!