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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Play Day Wednesday

I am so excited!! Rosa and Braxton are going to have play days on Wednesdays. Rosa's mom and I will trade off on Wednesdays with them allowing the other a chance to get out and get things done. The kids really do enjoy playing together and they need that time together to learn how to share and love each other. They have both started to enter that terrible two stage with lots of fits and NOs. I think it will be good for our sanity as well. Here are some pictures of the two playing together. I know there will be lots to follow as they enjoy their time together.

Couple of updates -
Papa is doing well since his surgery. He has his follow up appointment today. He is been an avid tobacco chewer since I can remember. He has not had a chew since his surgery. Please pray for him and his strength to kick his habit. He is doing well, but could sure use some encouragement and prayers.

Grandma Beck (Andy's grandmother) feel on Saturday (her 85th birthday). She broke her shoulder and fractured her pelvis. She making it through but could also use our prayers. She is staying with Andy's aunt and uncle there in Lamesa.

All is well here we are looking forward to our trip - Ready or not here we come!!!

1 comment:

Krawl and Anra said...

Thank you for the reminders of prayers....Otherwise, bring it on. You can't get here fast enough.