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Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa is coming

While this year has proven to be eventful in a lot of ways one of the most memorable for us will be that we will be in Iowa for Christmas. This is a first for us. We have always been able to be with our family during this time of year, but due to our new little boys coming on the 17th and Andy's knee we get to stay here.
MeMe (Andy's mom) came to spend the week with us and help us out. I am so thankful to have her here to help me out with the in and outs of the week. Thanks MeMe for taking the time to help us and be away from the rest of the family. We appreciate it! What an adventure this has been.
Here are some pictures from our adventure with Santa.
Braxton sending his letter to Santa.
Brazos writing his letter to Santa.
Brazos watching Braxton ride the train with Dad - he was not interested in riding the train at all.
Braxton riding the train
Braxton with Santa
He really did have a lot to say
Brazos on the other hand was not as excited to see the Jolly old man
He wanted up and in a hurry. We did not torture him long.
Cousin Kaden seemed to enjoy the whole Santa thing this time.


Robinson Family said...

Precious pictures. Thanks so much for the Christmas card...I got it today when we got home from St. Joes. It might be my all-time favorite idea for a Christmas card--such an original backdrop!!!

daughteroftheking said...

Hey I was checking in on your blog and getting caught up. I am so sorry to hear about Andy. We will definatly be praying for a swift recovery and for an extra dose of patience and strength for you. I know it's diffucult when the man of the house is imobile(did I spell that right?) The boys are adorable with Santa! It seems like there is always one that is not interested in Santa huh?