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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where to Start???

I don't really know where to start it has been so long since my last post. We had a wonderful trip and are glad to be back. We really enjoyed the warm weather. Braxton has been asking to go outside non-stop since we got home. We had a great time playing and visiting all the cousins while we were home. Thanks to all of you for your hospitality and food.
Here are some pictures from our trip. I will try to post more as the week goes on.
Papaw and Braxton reading about "the bears"
Karson and Braxton running
Karson and Braxton playing with the spools
Cousin Korbin
Braxton checking our Korbin
Wagon ride for the boys to look at the goats
Dad and Brazos
The clan playing washers on the patio
Braxton pulling his trailer with the tractor
Papaw playing tractors with Brazos
I have a lot more pictures to post. Stay tuned for a marathon of pictures this week. Hope all is well for everyone out there.

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