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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Here is mt Thursday Thirteen for today. I am still tired and trying to get over this crud we all have so it may be a short list today.
Thirteen Things I need to say:
1. It has been a long and trying week - and it is only Thursday.
2. Brazos has an ear infection - this is a first in the Beck house - Braxton has never had one - no fun. We start meds today.
3.Braxton has a head cold but no infections. He does not even need his machine right now!!
4. I feel like poop! I have not been feeling well for almost a week. I was going to go to the doctor but they did not have any openings so I did not go.
5. Andrea has has this crud too. She went to the doctor and the would not give her anything.
6. Derald was at church last night, I know it was hard for him to do that but he did. Please continue to remember the Lewis family in your prayers.
7. I am ready for the snow to go away!!!! I am ready for some green grass and warm weather! We are at the beginning of a blizzard warning. More snow and ice headed our way.
8. I am excited about our trip home. Andy, the boys, and I are coming to Texas for 10 days. We leave next week. I am ready to see everyone again.
9. Braxton is more ready than I am. He can not stop talking about the tractors, his MeMe, PaPaw, Da and MamaZ. He is ready to see his cousins.
10. Craig - he has been on my mind a lot lately. I pray for him daily. While he is doing good work in there it is hard to think of the pain hie is in for his family and children.
11. My husband is awesome. I really just don't say it enough. He is just the best thing around and I need to tell him more than I do. I pray for you daily - for strength, love, and growth. I love you!
12. I am so glad to have friends. They are just so awesome in many ways. I am so glad to have the Clapp family in my life. We have so much in common and it is just nice to have that bond.
13. Tomorrow is Friday! I am so glad to see Friday. I know that I will get to see more of my husband and have some family time. I am always glad when Friday rolls around.
On another note.
Happy Birthday!!!
To: Andrea and Karl they both had birthdays this week and I failed to pots them birthday wishes. Happy Birthday you two!

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