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Friday, March 02, 2007

Lego Fun

Braxton has really been into Lego lately. He loves to build things only to turn around and destroy them. Uncle Karl built him a barn and he played with it and his tractor for a long time. After he broke that one down we built another one. Just a large barn - he and Brazos played for a long time and then it was time for it to come down again.
Fast forward . . . to a boys night. The girls were out for Ladies Night Out and we came home to the lovely tractor and plow courtesy of Andy (dad) and Karl. There was a farmer and everything. Once they turned Braxton loose on this it took about 24 hours before it was in 100 pieces. Who said legos were just for kids??


Heather said...

That is so impressive!! I am amazed that people can do things like that with Legos....

Glad everything is going okay with you guys. Love reading about you!!

Rachel said...

I love Legos! I don't care if they are a boy toy. Roselyn WILL have some. Great pictures!