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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I love about the summer

1. Outside - Being up north as been a big adjustment for me. Braxton loves to be outside, however due to the weather up here we are only able to be outside 5 months out of the year. Needless to say we use as much of that time as we can get.

2. Swimming - We love to go to the pool and swim. Braxton is a little daredevil. He jumps right in and kicks hard. He is a good swimmer and loves the water. Brazos also likes the water. He does well.

3. Ice Cream - Why is it that ice cream tastes so much better in the evening after a long hot day? We love ice cream. Braxton is able to eat some without breaking out. His favorite is cookie ice cream!

4. Visits - Being that the majority of our family are teachers we get to visit and are visited more in the summer. We love to see and spend time with the family.

5. Sunshine - We love to go outside and see the sun a shining. I think that God is smiling on us when the sun is shining. It is such a blessing to warm us the way that it does.

6. Fresh Veggies - I love to go out and pick fresh tomatoes and squash. They are delicious and we enjoy them very much. Braxton likes to pick the tomatoes off the vine and eat them before we get to the house. GOOD STUFF!!

7. Watermelon - We like to sit on the deck and eat watermelon. It makes a bit of a mess, so then we have to get the water out to clean up our mess. Braxton enjoys every minute of this.

8. Cool morning and evenings - It is so great to go outside in the morning and play come in during the hear of the day and go back out later in the evening to play again.

9. Eating outside - This is not something we did much that I can remember except on Sunday afternoon at Granny's. We like to dine outside in the evening if it is cool enough. It is a way to see all the beautiful things that our God has created.

10. Park play - We love to go to the park and release Braxton's energy. He loves to slide, swing, play in the sand, and go on the merry-go-round. He loves the park, so we love to take him when we can.

11. Birthday Parties - All the kids we know up here were all born in the summer months so we get to attend and host birthday parties during the summer. It is always fun to see what great ideas people have.

12. July 4th - is always a big thing! A time to get together with family and friends. A time to get wet and make a big mess. Reverting to our childhood as our children watch us break every rule we have taught them. What a great time!

13. The endless joy of children - Kids are allowed to get dirty, splash people, use their imagination, and many things parents never find out during the summer. The outside is a wonder place for adventure and fun. Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings you have given us.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Paige said...

Summer time is so much fun. As a family we used to eat watermelon outside and have seed spitting contest. We even had some watermelon come up from our seed spitting.

Robinson Family said...

And I thought Watermelon Spitting Contests were just a weird, Gilmore family reunion thing! (Our dad always told us if we swallowed the seed we'd grow a watermelon in our belly...which was really funny the year one relative came to the reunion pregnant and dad just gave a knowing glance at her and the watermelon!)

Thanks for the summer post, it was a fun one!

Blessed Assurances said...

I love being connected to the cousins through the world of Blogging! The distance to Iowa and Texas has just been shortened! I love that!!
You are now on my blog list so we can keep up to date.
Have a great day