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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Okay I will try one more time. This is my 13 for today. 13 places we have been in the last week.
13. Des Moines
12. Kansas City
11. Nevada
10. Joplin
9. Pryor
8. Paris
7. Blossom
6. Faught
5. Greenville
4. Waxahachie
3. Abilene
2. Lamesa
1. Lubbock
The week is not over yet and there are still many more miles to travel. Things are going well. I will post pictures when we get back. Have a great week!


Paige said...

You have really done some traveling! How are the boys doing that long in the car? I know that you are LOVING the family time.

Krawl and Anra said...


I am so thankful that you and Andy can come down and travel to see us!