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Monday, July 25, 2011

Starting Over - Cousin Week 1

After school was out for the summer we made a mad dash to Iowa to see friends and for Andy to work. I however did not remember to take any pictures so you will just have to take my word for that trip ;) The summer got off to a great start. The boys and I have had a great time not sticking to such a tight schedule!! After our fun week in Iowa we came home and started swimming lessons. It is so much fun to see how much they learn and remember from year to year. This year proved to be just as exciting. Braxton took level 2, Brazos lever 1, and Brayson aqua tots. They all did an amazing job and are quite the little swimmers.

The second week of lessons we had a couple of cousins come visit from their new home in Louisana. Andrea and the boys came over and spent the week.

We had a great time sharing our toys and just playing with our cousins. It seems that we can never have enough family time! Andrea and I enjoyed a week of running from here to there and trying to keep up with playing catch up on our stories!

What a great time we had. Here are some pictures from our exciting adventure!

Me, Leland, Brazos, and Brayson making some goodies!

Andrea reading to the boys. Looks like they were really into that book!

We love to read

Playing with Leland since he did not seen as interested in that book (only because it was not allowed to turn the pages;)

Leland pooped out after swimming lessons!

Brazos all smiles in the water - ready to go!

Andrea and Leland hanging out by the pool

Andy was able to come and watch the kids on their last day of lessons. He took a vacation day and just hung out with us. He even took all five boys for the afternoon all by himself so Andrea and I could hang out together. I could not be more blessed! He is AWESOME!! Thanks Andy!

Kaden and Brayson playing while the others finished their lessons.

Brayson - this kid loves the water

Brayson going off the diving board - no fear of water for him. Way to go!

Braxton doing a CANNON BALL!!!!!

And Brazos plunging into the water!

Miss Reagyn all smiles!

Mr B - Man he is really growing and learning! Makes me so happy and sad all at the same time!

Brazos in the water - he is a little fish!

Brayson by the pool

Leland thinking he owns the place!!

Kaden - ready to SAVE the Day!

What a fun week!

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