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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 4th of July!!!

*****Warning - LOTS of PICTURES******
The 4th was a blast as always. We had a great time at Da and Mama Z's. We had a larger crowd this year than we have had the last couple of years. It was so good to see some people that we have not seen in a while. The day started with just the family in a fairly quite house and as the day went on more and more came, it was great! I think we ended up with around 60 or so. We all had a great time. The boys are beginning to remember more and more each year and that is a lot of fun to watch. Here are quite a few pictures from our day of fun and celebration of our Nations Birth!

Jorge and Amy talking it over before the mass arrived.

Zach in a normal pose!

Andy getting ready to throw Brayson down the slip and slide

And he's off!!

Now Braxton

And Brayson again

Brazos and Braxton getting ready to race. They had a lot of fun on this jumper that Ashley rented. Thanks Ash!

Kaden and Brayson enjoying the pool - Thanks Da!

Leland getting some water action.

Andrea all smiles

Mama Z and Amy posing for the camera

Amy, Andrea, Me, and Mama Z under the tree watching the kids swim

And the natural pose


Mr James throwing Allison

Leland and Jameson talking it over in the pool

Two of my favorite people. Da and Mr James in deep thought, they needed some catch up time


Max getting some special Nana time

Ava in the pool

Look at all the boys! Where did they all come from. Getting ready for a water balloon fight!

Of course what day would be complete at the Zant farm without a trip to the field to feed the animals. I do not have pictures of them feeding the cows, but I got there in time for the feeding of the goats. The kids were having a great time. Some were afraid and others were just not. It was really fun to watch!

More feeding

And the feed is gone but the goats want more!

Micah and Jennifer making a plan

Amy ready for a fight

Ashley and Micah teaming up on Amy and Andrea

Micah getting Bobby

And now time to get it all off

Jorge and Amy ready for the fire works

Billy and Roxanne

Bobby and Judy

Mr James and Allison

Marshall and April

Stormi and Jeanenne


Vince and Adrian

Micheal and Pam

Chad and Laura


Mama Z and Da with a sleepy Leland


Phillip and some new friends

THe boys lighting fireworks

Me and the love of my life! Thanks for being such a great husband, father, and friend. I am so blessed!

Leland, after the fireworks - It was a great day and I am so Thankful for the wonderful family that we have. There were are lot more people there that I did not get pictures of. Maybe next time I can get them all. Thanks for helping make some great Memories!!

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Mary Keener said...

I enjoy the love & fun seen in all theses pics. I truly miss you all. ALWAYS enjoy your posts...especially the pics : ) Keep em comin! Pls