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Friday, July 29, 2011

The St Louis Arch

Because we were in St Louis we of course had to go see the St Louis Arch. It seems that we are making our vacations the last couple of years around national monuments, so this year we added one to the list. It was very neat to see something you have heard about and seen pictures of in person. The boys were once again much better than I expected them to be. I remember last year at Mt Rushmore thinking they would not care much for the visit and being pleased when they enjoyed it, same thing this year. The loved to look and ask question and were very excited to go to the top.
Here are some pictures of our adventure to the top of the St Louis Arch!

Andy and the boys a good way out from the Arch

A closer picture

The things was very large! Did not realize how tall 630 feet was!

The boys and me!

And another

A picture from the side

Down under getting ready to get our tickets to go up

There was a very neat waiting area. There was a lot of information about the west and why the arch was built. The boys really enjoyed looking around and had a lot of questions.

Andy and Brayson playing on the scale

At this point the boys were saying, hey mom take my picture here, and here , and here.

Love these kids

Not sure, but it was his idea!

We were in cart #7. The cars are about 4 foot round. The doors were about 3 foot tall. The cars would seat 5 so it was perfect for us. It was very cramped and I usually do not have problem with small spaces, but it was tight in there for a good 4 minutes to the top

The boys inside the cart and I got in there too! Told you it was tight!

Another view

Andy and Brazos inside on the way up

Braxton on the way up

Me and Brayson

At the top - looking out the window

A view from one side

And from the other side

Proof that we made it to 630 feet!

My turn

They had a museum in the bottom, where you get on and off of the cars. It was fun to see all the history and the was it was presented. The boys in front of a stage coach

And a buffalo

This wall was really neat. All those images were carved in stone.

Leaving the arch in the dark - one more picture

My camera was dying and some of the pictures are just not very good - but it is what we have

The boys in front of the Mississippi River - can you tell it was late and they were done with my picture taking!!!

The Arch looking up from the bottom at night

Very cool and a must see at some point
It was a great trip and one we will remember. The boys can now look back and see the arch and say that they have been there. I can too!

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