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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paris for A week

We were able to go and spend a week in Paris with mom and dad before the 4th. It was very nice to all be together and having fun. The boys were very excited to be a Da and Mama Z's and drive the Mule and 4-wheelers, feed the cows and goats, and just play.
One of the first nights we were there Braxton got out all the legos and declared a car building contest. So all the boys built a car and we raced them. It was fun to see how different we all think.

Andy and the boys - racing their cars

Everyone showing their projects off

Da and the three boys going to get the trailer on the new Mule. Thanks Da for letting us play with your new toys.

One day we went to see Aunt "Buddy" Ruby in Clarksville. The boys were doing really well but though that extra entertainment was necessary so I gave the boys my camera and here are a few pictures that they took!


An upward view of Mama Z

Leland trying really hard to open any and all drawers!

The little boys that did not get his way and was showing off his best pout!

Little inquisitive!

Andrea and Aunt Ruby!

Tia Amy

Ms Marianne

Mama Z


Andrea and Aunt Ruby smiling for the camera

Me and Marianne

to whom do those precious big brown eyes belong? Why, none other than Braxton!

The whole group missing Amy (she was taking the picture)

Back home we played some more. Leland likes to push things around, He likes to put in and take out, and he likes things on his head. Luckily for him this bucket was able to help with all of his current needs and at this point in time his head was the favored use!

Leland being Cool Mac Daddy with Da
Thanks for a great week. We had a wonderful time. Just can't beat special time with family!

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jaymie said...

Loving all the posts! Isn't the mule the best thing ever?!!