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Friday, November 06, 2009

Aggie Weekend

Back on Labor Day we had a Aggie get together at our home. We had a reunion of our roommates from our days in College Station. It was wonderful to be together again. Although we were missing a few it was wonderful to be in the same place. We played games and just sat and talked. I do believe it has been over 8 years since we were all together. Wonderful, wonderful. We will do this again. We missed the Fry's (Steven and Jayla) and Mr. Donnie, we hope they will get to make the next one. Here are a few pictures from our weekend. In hindsight I should have taken a lot more, but this is what we have!
Brayson my little 42 player. Gig'Em

Kelton ready to go, and looking for trouble.

All smiles and cheesy ones at that. Excited to have a house full of people.

Dustin and Somer and sweet boy Ty, looking over some pictures and sharing their memories
The boys playing together, take a picture of this, no fighting!!!

Working together to get it all done.

Mitch and Robyn brought a water slide and the boys had a wonderful time. Braxton getting ready to go down.

Braxton and Dyllan at the bottom of the slide

Mitch and Dustin being a bit mischievous. I think the big kids had a great time as well.

Korbin ready to go.

Karson, ready set go~!

Kelton watching from the side lines.

The proud parents of the next generation of Aggies!!!

Go Brazos Go!

Wylie, Come on Down!!!

The next generation of Aggies

Showing our true colors

And yet another try!

Really, they are acting just like their parents!

Group pictures are always fun!

Maybe one of these will work.

Last time - it will work.

We had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for coming and making more memories. Looking forward to next year already. Gig 'Em Ags!

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