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Thursday, October 04, 2007

School again and more pictures

Well life is an adventure and we learn lessons everyday. I am so thankful to all of you for your sweet comments on Braxton and his school. Today we had another tough day but it did go better than Tuesday. We started mentally preparing for school on Tuesday as soon as we got home so that we would be ready for today. This morning he was ready. It was green day at school so last night we got out our green shirt, out John Deere hat, and our green cup. We were ready. This morning he told me he was happy to go to school. We got there and put out things away and were still all smiles then it was time to go in and the water works started again. We talked about green and about being happy but he was not having any of it. The teacher came and took him away. I stayed at the door (on the outside) until he stopped crying - approx 30 seconds. Brazos and I left and came home. I guess this is just something we are going to have to work through. He loves school. Tuesday when I picked him up I asked him if he had a good time and he said yes and stared talking. So for now we will take one day at a time and see if we can conquer this drop off stage.
I have not had my camera near the computer in a while so I have a lot of pictures to catch up on. I put a few out today and will try to follow suit for a couple of days.
Braxton playing king of the mountain at the zoo - my kids love to climb
Brazos hanging out in the stroller - just wait Braxton - he will catch you in no time
Rosa - all smiles at the zoo
The boys playing trains in the living room. This has been a favorite the last couple of weeks. Where is Rosa? Poor thing has to play dolls by herself!
Braxton and Brazos playing tackle in the front yard.
Brazos sporting the suit that MeMe made for dad (Andy) when he was a little boy.
Here is a picture of our congregation. These people have really kept us going. Our family away from home.
Brazos working on dad's computer at work - future tester for John Deere
Braxton was doing testing of his own - in the toy department.
Rosa and Braxton on the bridge at the zoo. These two kids are a hoot.

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Paige said...

I am glad it was better today. I love the picture update.