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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Braxton and Brazos finally meet

Here are a few pictures with Braxton and Brazos. Braxton knows the baby brother is here, but does not know what he does beside sleep and eat. We all slept at the hospital last night. Brazos does not know the difference between night and day yet. He actually has them reversed right now. He is eating ggod from Mom, but not a bottle. Since her milk has not started up, Brazos is sometimes hungry and upset.

To end, here is a quiz. Which baby is Brazos and which is Braxton? Results will be posted tomorrow.


Krawl and Anra said...

I so have this one in the bag. If you are going to try and make it hard, mix it up!!! Just kidding. They are Brazos - Braxton and then Brazos - Braxton. Woooooohhooooo!

Love you all four!

El Tio said...

I believe the one in the middle is Little Arms.

Beck Boys said...

I guess mixing them up did not very well since they did not fit next to each other. Braxos is on top of both sets.