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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My sweet boys

I am not sure that I can use the word sweet very often with this crew. Energetic - yes. Busy - yes. Entertaining - yes. But sweet? Today - yes. They are good kids and I need to stop and realize just how good they are. We have been working a lot harder on discipline and they have been responding well. We are finally getting into a routine and I feel like I can take them out on my own again. They are adjusting to all the craziness that our life holds and are able to go with the flo. I am thankful for them and feel so blessed to be their mother. This week Braxton and Brazos have said I love you with out being prompted. Braxton has given numerous hugs for old toys that he has found in his room to play with. So today my boys are sweet. They are precious gifts from God and I am thankful to have them. Here are some pictures from this week.

Andy and my three munchkins. We went to Tiffany's graduation on Sunday afternoon and they were all dressed alike so I could keep up with them. These are the loves of my life - all four of them.

Brazos found his snow boots and hat today - I thought I had them all put away - guess again. Notice the big boys undies. Brazos has been potty training this week. We started on Monday and got off to a rocky start but yesterday we only had one accident and today we are still at zero so we will see how the day goes. Good job Brazos.

Our weather has been beautiful this week and we have been enjoying some time outside. The boys painted for me on Tuesday. They had a great time - there was paint everywhere.

Braxton is refusing to wear shorts yet. The hat and boots are a permanent feature. This kid works from sun up to sun down - he really is a busy bee. Here he is working yesterday.

And finally - Brayson turned 4 months on Friday. It is amazing how fast time flies. His little personality is really taking shape. Those smiles are so sweet.
I still have pictures to post so more to come soon.

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