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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

Everyone is on Spring Break this week and for the first time since we have been in Iowa the Iowa spring break and Texas spring breaks are the same week. This week will be a busy one as we will be heading to LTC on Thursday. It will be a whirlwind until Monday. We are excited and ready to see the kids preform all the hard work that every ones put in. Here are some pictures from this week.

My three sons hanging out on moms bed. Wake up it is 6:45 and we are all bright eyed - like it or not!

Braxton all smiles before breakfast

Brazos trying to walk in Uncle Karl's shoes - he did make it up the stairs with those on.

Brayson just chillin - he is really starting to get some cheeks and Andrish calls him chipmunk

And this week my little one has started to smile. Look at that sweet little face. He is growing so fast! We went to see the doctor last week and I have not updated since. They did not have to do the scope or surgery this week and for that we are very thankful. He is doing much better on the meds and seems to be breathing almost normally. The doctors would like to keep him on the meds for now and get some weight on him and then we will go back in three weeks. They were really happy with his progress this time. We would like to get off the meds but it is going to take some time. The med that he takes is 113.00 a week and worth every penny not to see him suffer and work so hard to breath. We are thankful for good insurance.
We will try to get one more post in before we head to KC for the weekend. Da and Mama Z are going to meet us there and the eldest two boys are so excited!!


Robinson Family said...

Goodness, Neil, you have three handsome boys!!

Good luck at LTC. You and Andrea are amazing women to take that on with all your little ones in tow.

Marianne said...

Hope the boys had a great weekend with your parents. Brayson is so CUTE!!! Actually, all three are just so very good-looking.

Love to you all.