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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Praise and Request

Blogger will not let me put any pictures out right now so you will just have to read.
1. Granny is going home from rehab today - she is doing really well and is progressing nicely. She is still having trouble keeping food down but they are working with her on that.
2. Andy went to the doctor yesterday and was able to get rid of one crutch!!! We are so thankful for his continued healing and look forward to a full recovery.
3. Kaden, Braxton and Brazos are healthy and going strong.
4. Karl and Andrea are here to save us again. I cannot tell you what a blessing these two (three) have been to our family over the last 3 months. I really cannot phantom what I would have done without them. I can only say thanks at this point.

1. Brayson is going back to Iowa City today for a check-up. He is still having a lot of trouble breathing and the last couple of days really have seemed to have gotten worse. I am thankful that we go today and I am praying for relief for this little one and comfort.
2. Andy's eye surgery has been postponed until the 28th of March. I know it is a few weeks away but it seems to be coming fast.
3. Our friend Logan (3 months older than Brazos) was tested for lead yesterday and the test were really high. They did two additional tests just to make sure that the results they were getting were correct. They went to the hospital to do additional testing and should find something out this morning. Scary for the parents and for Logan.
Please pray for these requests. God is so good and he hears our prayers. I am so thankful that we can petition out Lord and Savior and know that he hears our prayers and that he answers them. I am so thankful for a faith in God and a family of believers we can turn to when trials and concerns come our way.

While I have a tons of pictures to post and a lot of stories to tell this is all for today. I will do my best to blog tonight on what we find out on Brayson. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family. We have had an eventful 3 months and look forward to spring and a new beginning.

1 comment:

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I am continually praying for you all. I remember this time last year and my life was super crazy with so many things. I kept praying "Lord show yourself faithful to me!" And He has in so many ways. I pray that as you take it one day at a time that you will find God's mercies on each and every step.

God bless