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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I have no idea what to do my 13 over today. Everything I think to do I have already done or just don't have the energy to do today. So i guess as you read we can be surprised together!

Okay after sitting here for a while. I think I have a topic. I only knew one set of my great-grandparents. But I knew them fairly well. Let's say I remember them both and I was a senor in high school when I my great-grandfather passed away. They were known as Da and Mother to most. They had 7 boys. My dad thought a lot of them, so much so that he wanted his grand kids to call him Da as well. I think it fits rather well. They were Christians first and knew real well how to put others first. All of that said here is a list of 13 questions I would love to ask them if I could see them again.

1. How in the world did you raise 7 boys and remain sane?
2. How much did you spend on groceries a week?
3. Was it hard to keep them all going to church?
4. How many pews did you take up for your family?
5. What was it like when the first boy came home with a girl?
6. How many loads of laundry did you do a week?
7. What is your favorite memory with your family?
8. What makes you smile?
9. Did you really plan on having 7 kids (boys)?
10. Were there ever any left overs after a meal?
11. How often did you have to buy shoes and clothes?
12. I know they were all very different, what is one special thing about each child?
13. Would you do it all over again?

I can only think the answers I would get. I can just see them all running wild and having good time. I thank God that I have had such wonderful leaders in my life. A family full of Christian men and women. Godly people who knew how to teach their children. I am so blessed.


Thinkin' Thin said...

You and your family are such an inspiration to me. I will not be able to ever tell you how much or even why, but I look forward to your posts because I know they will encourage me and I am pretty sure your boys will make me laugh. I am having a blast knowing them both and watching them grow. Thank you so much to all of you. :)

Lisa said...

Hey Lyneil! I was so excited to see a comment from you. I keep up with you guys through your blog, but unfortunately don't always leave comments. Sounds like you guys are doing well. I'm sure you had a blast at Christmas with the boys. We're just trying to get geared up for little Rachel's arrival. I'll post some pics on the blog as soon as she gets here.

Dave & Lisa said...

Hi Lyneil,

I haven't visited your blog in a while, but I like the new look! :-)

By the way, the Lisa that posted the previous comment is not me. You can go to the blogs in her profile to follow some other former AFC'ers, though.

If and when we ever have "a little arrival", we will definitely plaster that info all over our blog and let EVERYONE know! ;-)

Love in Christ,
Lisa (Neusch) Noble